10 Things You Should Know about Teenagers | Jaquelle Crowe, Crossway
From the author of This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years.

Trusting God Enough to Lament | David A. Gundersen
“Psalmic complaint is a form of trust, because lamenting to God implies belief in his listening ear, his fatherly care, and his sovereign power.”

Young, Restless, and Reformed in China | Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, TGC
“In August 2015, a Reformed pastor in China nailed 95 theses to his website.”

25 Signs of a Healthy Leader | Kristen McCall,
“Even the best leader has potential to become unhealthy. That’s why regular assessments are vital.”

Become a Better Listener by Taking Notes | Sabina Nawaz, HBR
“Through my work with executive teams, I’ve developed a simple technique that can help anyone listen more effectively in meetings. I call it Margin Notes. You may already take notes during meetings, but unless you’re using them wisely to understand others and plan your response, you may still fall into the same trap of speaking before you think. Margin Notes allows you to think, process information, make connections between points of discussion, and ask effective questions instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.”

Help Me Teach the Bible: Ed Welch on Helping Those Battling Shame, Addiction, or Anxiety | Nancy Guthrie, TGC
“In this conversation, Welch demonstrates how to present the Scriptures in a way that leads people who are seeking strategies or techniques for dealing with sins and problems to see that what they need most is a person, Jesus Christ. While admitting that applying Scripture to problems is hard work, Welch invites Bible teachers to move from teacher to friend by getting to know those we’re teaching enough to be affected by them. ”

Equipping You in Grace Podcast
Dave interviews me about my new book, Reset.

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