Eight Reasons Churches Became Too Busy
“Perhaps understanding the origins of dysfunctional busyness will help churches avoid this problem in the future.”

4 Ways Christians Can Stand Out at Work
“Driven by a unique view of humanity and a love rooted in the wisdom of the cross, we can stand out at work in at least four ways.”

A Tale of Two Men with ALS | Gentle Reformation
“Two men with bright minds, one known as Stephen and another as Steven, have ALS.”

The Surprising Upside to Sadness
I loved this article and have seen it proven true in many Christian lives

Depression. Discouragement. Sorrow. Too often we find ourselves here. Waves of emotions overcome when we least expect them. While I’ve learned a lot about choosing light, daring to hope, hard thanksgiving, and spiritual battle, there are lessons yet to learn. The more I consider these emotions I’d rather not experience, the more I see multiple reasons that depression—yes, depression—has been a gift to me. Here are five.

The Deep Dark Pit of Lost Words
A Christian comes to terms with a dementia diagnosis:

All the stuff I have learned and the people I know and have known are in the archives of my brain.  All the information is there buried in the vast gray matter and wire system. However, now, when I’m talking to anyone…new friend or old, if I need to finish a story that I had started, I can’t. The story is gone! I can’t remember it! All I can see in my mind is a “white blank”!

The words that will finish my story are GONE!  I can’t retrieve the words from my brain. They won’t go from brain to tongue. They are lost in “The Deep Dark Pit of Lost Words.”

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