Beyond the Lights: Celebrities and Mental Illness
A look at how celebrities have responded to mental illness:

No amount of money, power, or fame can make you happy or protect you from a mental illness. But what we can also learn from this is that people with mental illness are not alone, and most do not allow their illness to stop them from living and achieving their dreams.

This popular social network ranks as the worst for young people’s mental health
Instagram, an app that people use to share photos of their lives as seen through a series of flattering filters, was rated worst for the mental health of young people in a study by the Royal Society for Public Health in the U.K.

Emotional Intelligence Is The Real Secret To Getting Promoted Faster
This rings true:

In a 2011 Career Builder survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals, 71% said they valued emotional intelligence over IQ in general, and 75% said they’re typically more likely to promote an employee with high emotional intelligence and a comparatively lower IQ than one where that ratio is flipped.

Stretched Thin? Why Seeking Coherence over “Life Balance” is the Answer
The key is vocation, vocation, vocation:

72 percent of women say they are overwhelmed by stress. I’m suspicious of the remaining 28 percent. Women living in a world noisy with conflicting directives to excel in their career, be a doting wife and super mom, invest in their communities, and develop their personal potential will inevitably experience some confusion about their calling and identity.

John Knox and the Women Who Loved Him
Simonetta Carr defends John Knox from charges of misogyny:

Why did these and many other women express so much love toward a man who blew a fierce trumpet against female rulers? Maybe it’s because he needed, valued, respected them, and understood their struggles, offering at the same time warm and candid pastoral care.

Don’t Waste Your Life Following Your Passion
Why you probably shouldn’t listen to commencement speakers

It is the time of year where graduations abound. Commencement speakers and familial advice-givers are saying things like: “Follow your passion!” “Chase your dreams!” “Focus on being true to yourself!” “You can change the world!” On the whole, such admonitions are dreadful advice and will paralyze, not liberate, those who embrace them.

Eliminating the Human
Tim Challies sees an opening for the church in a world of increasing automation:

In a world of impersonal automation, we [the church] form communities of real presence. In a world that is eliminating so many forms of human interaction, we promote it, embrace it, and invite others to experience it. The more technology continues down this path, the more the church will stand out in beautiful, living contrast.

4 Keys to Finishing Strong in Ministry – LifeWay Pastors
“To finish strong later we need to avoid some common mistakes now. Here are four of the most common I have noticed.”

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