Reformed Popery
Here’s a podcast on a timely subject:

No, we are not introducing a new tulip-scented home fragrance. Rather, in light of recent downfalls by many men carrying the Reformed banner, the guys discuss pastors who abuse their authority in the church and act like mini-popes. The 3GTers discuss the importance of examining pastor wannabes carefully for character before ordaining them. They offer reminders for how the church should be structured Biblically to best keep authority in check. And for those who are in places where men are strutting around like they are wearing the papal mitre, suggestions are offered to congregants on what they might do.

Self-Care or Sabbath?
How do we balance self-care with self-sacrifice?

Suffice it to say many Christians have a complicated relationship with the psychological concept of self-care. So it’s understandable why many Christians reject the idea outright. And yet other Christians, particularly younger ones, seem to live by self-care like it’s their own personal liturgy. What then should our orientation be towards it?

Why So Many Churches Are Too Busy
“Nearly every pastor I talk with says their church is just too busy. So why does this happen? Why do we let it become like this? Today, we tackle eight reasons.”

The Settling Years
How do you come to terms with long-term disability in your family?

How do we live when life never “gets back” to normal? What do we do in the settling years – the years when everybody else has moved on but we are still constantly adjusting to living with loss?

The Ways Your Brain Manages Overload, and How to Improve Them
Six principles for good brain hygiene in a world of information overload.

Life After the Dash from Zero to 2 Billion
A review of two recent books on smartphones and social media.

Rosaria Butterfield on her Unique Ministry of Hospitality
Rosaria explains how through Christian hospitality, God, slowly but surely, disarmed and compelled her to faith. Today she opens up her own Christian home to the community so that her family can bear witness and evangelize. On a daily basis, Rosaria’s family dines with her neighbors. And it costs.

Six Ways Men Can Support Women’s Discipleship
Here’s a challenge:

When men don’t engage in ministry to and for women, women tend to function as a parachurch ministry within the confines of a local church. And if they don’t find discipleship in their own churches, they go elsewhere.

Kindle Books

CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet by Mike Emlet $1.99.

Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective by Brian Borgman $3.76.

The Works of William Perkins (Vol. 1) $2.99.

Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics by Jeff Myers $1.99.


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