Exploring the Bible 1Westminster Bookstore have published an interview with me about Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for KidsThey also have some great discounts for the next week with up to 50% off. Details here.

Here’s the first question and answer:

1) So far you’ve only written books for adults. Why write a book for kids and why did you choose this particular project?

To be honest, I didn’t set out to write a book for kids. A number of years ago, I started preparing a daily Bible reading plan for my own kids. It was usually 3-5 verses with either a simple question to answer or a verse to write out. Doing that, we worked our way through many different books of the Bible.

At some point I started posting the weekly plans online as I thought other parents might want to use them, and I was amazed at the positive response. There seemed to be a real demand for a simple daily Bible reading plan for kids. Crossway approached me a couple of years ago and we started talking about how we could adapt this into a book format that would take kids through the Bible in a year, resulting in Exploring the Bible.

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2) Often Bible reading plans and devotionals for kids are either too ambitious or too watered down. How did you strike that balance to make this a substantive yet doable plan for kids (and their parents)?

3) What makes the 8-12 age range such an important time to read through the whole Bible? 

4) As a pastor, what is your hope for the kids in your own church who use this book?

You can access sample pages here.

Exploring the Bible 2