1 in 3 Protestant Churchgoers Personally Affected by Suicide
One-third of victims were attending church before their death, but few pastors knew of their struggle.

6 Ways to Steward Your Weekly Screen Time
Some great ideas here.

Hypocrisy on Display in Hollywood and in Politics: Responding with Anger and Humility
Ed Stetzer responds to the bi-partisan hypocrisy of Harvey Weinstein and Rep. Tim Murphy in three ways.

I Resonate—and Disagree—with This Gay Christian
This review by a Christian women who fights against same-sex-attraction will help you in thinking this issue through.

Productive on six hours of sleep? You’re deluding yourself
“Operating on short sleep — anything less than seven hours — impairs a host of brain and bodily functions, said Walker, who is also a professor of neuroscience and psychology. It increases your risk for heart attack, cancer and stroke, compromises your immune system and makes you emotionally irrational, less charismatic and more prone to lying.”

Former WNBA great Chamique Holdsclaw on shattered facades and reclaimed purpose
 don’t follow basketball, so I don’t have a clue who this is, but her story gives a valuable insight into the terrible struggles people can have with mental illness.

An Open Letter to Children’s Ministry Workers
Calling all discouraged Sunday school teachers.

6 Lessons The UK Church Needs To Learn To Reach Schemes & Council Estates
Not just UK churches. We all need this rebuke.

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Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace by Heath Lambert $2.99.

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Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice by David Teems $0.99.