So here’s Shona’s film debut! Needless to say, she hates it and is hiding in a corner today. I think she did really well. She just needs to master that admiring fawning look while I’m talking. You can read a transcript at Crossway’s blog. I’d love it if you would buy her book and post some reviews of it to encourage others to read it. Just as long as Refresh doesn’t get more reviews than Reset, we’ll be just fine.

  • mary_v

    And what happens if Refresh gets more reviews than Reset? ;-)

    • David Murray

      Just between you and me, I’d be delighted!

  • Frances Baars

    Refresh is cheaper than Reset … is that because men don’t give their wives enough spending money? Just kidding. I already have a husband who makes sure I regularly take time to relax, but I think Refresh sounds like a great book that is certainly getting added to my list of “books to buy”.

    • David Murray

      I noticed that too, Frances. Don’t know why that is. Hope you enjoy the book!

  • Lisa Vanstrien

    Love it Shona! Looking forward to reading it!

  • Angela

    Is Refresh available to buy at the seminary bookstore?

    • David Murray

      Yes it is.