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6 Reasons to Take Seminary Chapel Seriously | For The Church
“Historically, a chief strategy toward forming students has been the seminary’s chapel worship gathering. In the points below, I want to highlight the seriousness of chapel and God’s good purposes in it for the seminarian. ”

4 Lies That Cause Pastors to Neglect Their Families | For The Church
“The walls of our church’s nursery needed painting. So there I was, on my regular day off with a brush in my hand. A country song I’d never heard before—’The Dollar,’ by Jamey Johnson—filled the room as I splashed the first coat of something called Polar Bear over the entrance door…”

My Five Counseling Goals for Session One | Biblical Counseling Coalition
“Effective biblical counseling begins with a successful first session, and a successful first session requires clear goals. What should we seek to accomplish in our first counseling session? Let me suggest five goals. While our methods and techniques will vary, the following five goals—welcome, know, hope, plan, commit—seem comprehensively wise to pursue.”

Research Reveals the 5 Biggest Influencers on Your Child’s Spiritual Health – Eric Geiger
“The study analyzed 2,000 Protestant adults who finished their parenting journey with one or more kids now between 18-30. The study looked at faith characteristics of those kids now, all grown up, and looked at the parenting practices and habits of the children as they were growing up… I am going to briefly offer the top five. If you care for your kid’s spiritual journey, this research is gold:”

Evidences of God’s Grace in the New Calvinism – Tim Challies
“Whatever else we can say about New Calvinism—and there’s lots to say—we can’t deny this: It displays many evidences of God’s grace. It is beyond dispute that God has been blessing his people and glorifying his name through this movement. In this video I want to point out 6 evidences of God’s grace in this Reformed resurgence.”

When I Lost a Daughter, My Children Lost a Sister | Christianity Today
“families that lose a child often struggle with social deprivation and poor health. Even a decade after losing a child, parents (especially mothers) face an increased mortality rate. But such loss may be hardest on children, Carroll said, with preteens exhibiting higher levels of depression and anxiety and adolescents being more likely to show attention problems and anger.”

A Confrontation Checklist – LifeWay Pastors
From the prophet Nathan (2 Samuel 12) to Nehemiah (Nehemiah 5) to Jesus (Matthew 18) and Paul (1 Corinthians 5) examples of confrontation permeate the Bible. The following is a checklist (drawn primarily from Nehemiah 5:1-13) that I hope will help the next time you have to confront someone living in sin.

Feeding on Christ Criticizing Our Camp – Feeding on Christ
“We readily lend our weight to the demonization of those we perceive to be most dangerous to the cause we seek to champion, while neglecting significant error within our own affinity groups.”

How Michael Phelps Conquered His Demons: ‘I Didn’t Want to Live’
“When I’m able to talk through my problems, it’s like a one-hundred-pound weight has been lifted off my chest, and I’m able to live a happier life, be a better father, be a better husband, and be a harder worker. It’s taken me thirty years to get there, but it doesn’t matter. I was able to get through it and learned a lot about myself by going through some of the darkest places I’ve ever been to in my life, and I’m a better person now because of it. And you know, the suicide rate is way too high. This is life-changing. If I never talked, who knows if I’d still be alive today.”

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