The Heart of John Owen’s Hedonism
John Piper makes the case for John Owen being a Christian Hedonist.

Don’t Be Dumb with Your Smartphone
Meet the iPhone’s nemesis, Tony Reinke.

Eight Dangers of Pursuing Applause
“As I read Brown’s counsel I not only try to apply it to my life as a pastor but also as a pastor who uses social media. A lust for platform—whether it’s being able to brag about baptism numbers or Twitter followers—will always take you further than you wanted to go. You might even succeed in gaining that platform but these vices will follow you to the top. It’s no wonder we see so many men climb to the top and then experience a mighty fall; these vices followed them.”

4 Reasons Every Pastor Should Exercise
“Unfortunately, full-time pastoring can be physically taxing. Long hours sitting at a desk and attendance at prayer breakfasts tends to work against us. From the deep recesses of our studies we cry, “I’m called to the ministry of the Word and to prayer! Both are sedentary. Being out of shape is just an occupational hazard.”"

The Double Groan of the Gospel
Not all groaning is bad.

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