One thing that’s always frustrated me about pictorial kids’ books is how awful the illustrations usually are. Christian books for kids are among the most disappointing. Some of them look as if I was the artist; others are just really cheesy cartoons.

Thankfully that’s all about to change with a new series of board books from the Banner of Truth written by Rebecca Vandoodewaard and illustrated by Blair Bailie. The first three are:

The Woman Who Helped A Reformer: Katherina Luther (RHB).

The Woman Who Loved To Give Books: Susannah Spurgeon (RHB).

The Man Who Preached Outside: George Whitefield (RHB).

Hopefully you can get some idea of the fascinating graphics from these covers. I found myself intrigued by all the different characters and expressions that fill each picture.

So, super artwork, but also fine content. Each book makes one major point in simple language. Not too much text and not too little.

I read them to my four-year-old yesterday and they certainly passed his test. He loved them and gave them the ultimate accolade: “Do it again, Daddy!”