11 Ways We Can All Nurture Our Mental Health
“Our mental health is not entirely outside our control. In fact, even when a genetic predisposition is present, or our circumstances are harmful, our lifestyle choices can prevent a disorder from developing, lessen its severity, or help us achieve better recovery. Regardless of our predispositions, experiences, or sense of health, it really doesn’t make sense for anyone to neglect the opportunity to protect and strengthen our mental health. No matter who you are, why not give some thought and care to your mental health this year? Here are 10 ways we can all do that.”

Disability and a Theology of the Body
“A “body is everything” theology (at least functionally speaking) leads to a near-exclusive focus on comfort and relief of bodily suffering in a ministry context. This may be associated with the assumption that suffering people in their particular state of disability bear little to no responsibility before God. They are sufferers much more than they are sinners. On the other hand, a “body is nothing” theology (again, functionally speaking) leads to a near-exclusive focus on soul care. Seeing people come to Christ and discipling them is where the action is. Suffering is primarily seen as a pathway to holiness rather than something to grieve and lament. But either of these two extremes actually dehumanizes people. How does Scripture provide a balanced view of the body?”

How to Reconcile with Another Christian
“How do we reconcile with fellow Christians? In my thirteen years of pastoral ministry, I have found that much of my calling deals with helping those who have been injured by other people—especially other people in the church.”

The Joy of the Old Testament
“After reading the New Testament multiple times over, while only reading small chunks of the Old Testament, I realized something was missing. One time, as I came to the end of the New Testament, again, I felt a void. The New Testament wasn’t coming together as I had hoped. I was not gaining the joy in God that it once had. I did not have a want for more.”

Preparing for Winter
“The response of Christian higher education to the coming winter must therefore be twofold: financial planning for the worst-case scenario, where not only federal money but also tax-exempt status is revoked; and careful reflection on how the curriculum can cultivate accurate and wholesome aesthetic judgment. And, given the very brief time colleges have to shape young people’s minds, they need to see their task as adjunct to the greater task of family and, above all, church—the vessels that carry us from the cradle to the grave.”

Will You Pray for Awakening? Download Your Free Prayer Guide
“We hope this prayer guide encourages you this year and in future years. Join us in praying fervently for a mighty movement of God’s Spirit today, thankful that He has graciously promised to hear us, and confident that He will answer our prayers according to His will.”

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