Three Types of Evangelistic Contexts: Contact, Context, and Friendship
Over the years, I have noticed at least three different kinds of evangelistic contexts we may encounter when engaging in personal evangelism.

The Most Important Time to Go to Church
“The most important time to be at church is when you don’t feel like it. I’ve talked with three Christians about this recently—two struggling with depression, and a third who just went through a tough break-up—who’ve stopped gathering with God’s people during a difficult season. Whether for weeks or months, all three have decided to stop going to church.”

One of the best things churches can do for people with mental illness
“The people in your church who live with emotional pain and mental strain are not weaker than the rest of the congregation; they are stronger for the battles they have won. And your church needs them in ministry.”

Preaching Points: Aim for the Ear!
This is so so important:

“Don’t preach as would a writer; preach as a preacher! Preachers who fail to appreciate the vast difference between their oral craft and writing usually display very different understandings of their task—centered in the pulpit and congregation for one and in the desk and study for the other.”

How to think like John Bunyan
“I recommend to you that reading Bunyan is worth it. Every Christian in centuries before our own, if they had books, they had a copy of the Bible and they had a copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a book that can help you hold onto these three realities like Bunyan did: the priority of salvation, the endurance of suffering as a good soldier of Jesus, and the priority of perseverance in the Christian life.”

Womanhood Series: What’s the Highest Calling for the Childless?
“Whether you’re childless or know someone who is, it is important that we reshape how we view our femininity and biblical womanhood. Femininity isn’t fluffy and child-centered, but a fierce and glorious calling from the Lord”

Six Core Convictions on Media and Technology
“These are the six convictions for me when it comes to media, technology, and the Christian life.”

Christians Should Prepare To Defend From Mass Shooters In Church
It is therefore no wonder that, like people who work in schools and other gun-free zones, American Christians are beginning to ask themselves, “What happens when the shooter comes to my church?” How are we to handle a situation like that? Like anyone else, Christians would rather mentally and physically prepare for such an eventuality rather than being caught unawares.

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