You may be wondering why you’re not seeing so many Christian bogs in your Facebook feed. Tim Challies and Mike Leake’s articles below will help you understand what Facebook is doing and how you can beat it using

Beating Facebook’s Algorithm and Being Your Own Curator

How Facebook Is Taking Away Your Freedom of Access

Can We Reconcile Justice and Forgiveness?
Rachael Den Hollander’s outstanding address at the Veritas Foundation at Harvard.

An Open Letter to the Hesitant Host
“Over the years, we have come to learn this. What stops us from practicing hospitality is our plenty, not our lack. We have too much, and we love too much what we have. Statistics have borne out this truth: meager homes and poor churches give and gather more; wealthy homes and upscale churches horde and micromanage more.”

Chris Moles Podcast on Domestic Violence
“Domestic violence is an extremely challenging issue to address. This week’s guest, Chris Moles, has over 17 years of experience dealing with this difficult topic. Chris has worked with the state and through the church to help both the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. He and Curtis discuss some of the issues related to this challenging topic and offer resources for further education.”

Google Spent years studying effective teams- this is what they found
“So what was the most important factor contributing to a team’s effectiveness? It was psychological safety. Simply put, psychological safety refers to an individual’s perception of taking a risk, and the response his or her teammates will have to taking that risk.”

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Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name by Bryan Chapell $1.99.

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