The Moral of Moral Failings of Christian Leaders
Ed Stetzer addresses the rash of fallen pastors and urges change. Along similar lines here are 3 Spiritual Vitality Warning Signs for Pastors, which includes five practical questions to help keep your personal spiritual vitality alive and well. How to Lose a Pastor in 10 Years was written by the daughter of a fallen pastor.

How the Proverbs Turn Poverty into Prosperity
“The route to alleviating material poverty is first alleviating social poverty. As the Proverbs show—and now economics too—living and institutionalizing behaviors that lead to right relationships is the surest route to end poverty, in this generation and the next.”

The Church and Mental Health: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?
“LifeWay Research conducted a survey in partnership with Focus on the Family and an anonymous donor to gauge the perceptions of pastors, churches and those suffering from mental illness on a wide range of related topics. The following is a brief synopsis of what we uncovered:”

7 Ways to More Thinking Time
“Oftentimes, I do not have time to sit and think simply because I overcommit. So, when you are busy—and we’re all busy—we need principles we hold to in order to simply think, dream, and strategize. Here are seven strategies that I use to implement more brain time into my life.”

15 Things Seminary Teaches Me that My Busy Pastor(ate) Can’t | Greg Lanier
“An unfortunate side-effect of the ‘what seminary can’t teach me’ motif is that it can unintentionally validate the broader trend that undermines the utility and role of seminary training altogether.”

If We’re More Connected Than Ever, Why Are We So Lonely?
“We’ve never experienced this level of connectivity in human history, and yet we are increasingly lonely.”

9 Things You Should Know About the Creation of Modern Israel
“On Wednesday and Thursday, the modern state of Israeli celebrated the 70th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. Here are nine things you should know about the creation of the modern Israeli state.”

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