When Do You Stop Counseling?
“As a pastor or counselor, how do you know when to stop counseling? As you try to decide whether or not to end counseling, you will probably be aware, with some uneasiness, that not every problem has been solved. You will sense the need for more growth or the person’s desire that counseling continue regularly. But these are not adequate reasons to perpetuate counseling. When to end counseling is always a judgment call that requires a lot of wisdom. The decision to bring the counseling process to a close is sometimes clear, but often not. It’s best to think through the decision to end counseling with some clear criteria. Consider two positive indicators, and four less pleasant ones.”

The Busy Critic and the Simple Church
“Honestly, when I think of people I look up to spiritually, they don’t seem frazzled. They are active, they accomplish things within the kingdom of God, but they aren’t overcommitted and in a frenzy of activity. In fact, they seem to know how to properly say “yes” and “no.”"

Piper’s Six-Stage Process for Writing Books
Always interesting to see behind the curtain of the sermon prep or writing process.

A Great Big List of Recommended Books
Tim Challies: “Here are 50 or 60 contemporary authors I’ve read and a book by each of them you may enjoy.”

Refreshing the Saints
“What am I to my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus? Do I refresh or weary them? Do I give rest or restlessness? Am I a comfort or an anxiety? Do I encourage confidence or are people walking on egg shells around me? Am I blessing to those I am bound to in the gospel or a burden? Are the hearts of the saints being refreshed through me?”

You Must Disappoint Someone: How to Say No to Good Things
“Most of us would like to believe we say yes and no to our time commitments based on objective, logical assessments of what appears most important. But that is very often not the case. Very often we make these decisions based on subjective assessments of what we believe others will think of us if we do or don’t do them.”

One-on-One with Matt Perman on ‘How to Get Unstuck’
“By doing our work more effectively for Christ’s sake, we participate with God in his work to renew all things.”

Kindle Books

Christianity Considered: A Guide for Skeptics and Seekers by John M. Frame $5.99.

Chasing Contentment: Trusting God in a Discontented Age by Erik Raymond $2.99.

An Introduction to the New Testament by D. A. Carson and Douglas Moo $0.99.