What Companies Can Do to Help Employees Address Mental Health Issues
“Most employees we surveyed already actively manage their mental health and consider it at least as important as their physical health. Such a positive attitude toward managing mental health suggests that employees, and in particular millennials, are likely to welcome and embrace training and initiatives at work that help them thrive and recognize when they need help. Much remains to be done. As Prince Williams says: “There’s still a stigma about mental health. We are chipping away at it, but that wall needs to be smashed down.”

When Christ Is the Cornerstone of Your Medical Practice
“To be a patient at Cornerstone is to encounter a distinctly different kind of doctor and practice. From the front desk staff all the way to the doctors’ offices, the mission of Cornerstone is to treat people the way Jesus would.”

How to Listen Like a Counselor
We can all learn how to listen better.

Beware Emotional Affairs
“Here are some questions to help discern if your relationship has morphed into an emotional affair:”

Some Kids Barely Survive Christmas: Celebrating the Son with Special Needs
“For children with special needs, the holidays often herald more distress than delight. Kids struggling with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions rely upon predictability to feel safe. Any deviation from the routine, no matter how exhilarating, pitches these children into a whirlwind of anxiety.”

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