Where Is Jesus in the Old Testament?
“Jesus unites the Bible. He is not absent from the Old Testament, sitting on the bench, awaiting his fourth quarter winning play. He is the player-coach-manager directing all things. Throughout the Old Testament, he is the one and only Mediator of God Most High, marching purposefully toward his own incarnation. Jesus is Lord. He always has been.”

And here’s a good example of this in Robert Rothwell’s article, David’s Son.

Teach Your Teen How to Read Their Bible
Jen Wilkin: “Your teen will be exposed to devotional content and topical studies at every turn, and they likely don’t need a resource that is targeted specifically at their demographic. What most are missing are basic tools to help them read and learn the Bible on their own. By guiding them in some basic study methods, you can position them to use devotional and topical material with far better discernment and far greater benefit, as those types of resources assume a first-hand knowledge of the Bible that many teens have not yet developed. Here is a simple approach that you can adapt to fit the age of your teen:”

How to Develop a Personal Growth Plan as a Pastor
“If you want to grow, you need a plan and the fortitude to see that plan through. So let’s develop a personal growth plan. Together.”

What Made #TylerStrong?
This from Tyler Trent’s pastor:

“Tyler Trent, who died this week at age 20, captivated the sports world and the nation after ESPN told his story. Tyler’s four-year battle with cancer and his indomitable perspective were inspiring….His inspiring battle led to awards, trips to bowl games, interviews on TV and radio, and calls from the vice president. He wrote a book. The gravitational pull of Tyler’s winsome spirit, his interest in others, and his unflappable courage attracted fans from all walks of life. It wasn’t hard to enter Tyler’s orbit. People marveled at his attitude and wondered, How is he so strong? As Tyler’s pastor for 10 years, I can tell you. It’s simple but profound: Tyler loved Jesus. That’s it. And it made him #TylerStrong.”

David Platt Drops 50-point Sermon from Revelation at CROSS Conference
I haven’t watched this, but the points are beautiful. There are 48 characteristics of Jesus and a pair of exhortations.

Love and Anger at the Cross?
I agree with Nick’s take on this:

“It is right for us to both affirm that the Father never stopped loving the Son when he hung on the cross and that the Father was justly angry with the Son “because of the sins themselves which he took upon him, and because of the persons of sinners whom he sustained.”

Kindle Books

The Radical Disciple: Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling by John Stott $2.99.

The Son of God and the New Creation  by Graeme Goldsworthy $3.99.

Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World by Eric Metaxes $1.99.