I’m teaching a Doctor of Ministry course this week at Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, so the Check out posts may be a bit sporadic.

5 Actions a Counselor Can Take In-Between Meetings: The Counselor’s Homework
“In biblical counseling, we often talk about the pastor/counselor collaborating with the counselee to develop “homework” assignments for the counselee. What can the counselee do in-between sessions to keep the change going? However, we much less frequently discuss the counselor’s homework. What could we be doing in-between counseling meetings with a counselee in order to prepare for our next session with them? Here are five activities I engage in the week in-between meetings to prepare for an upcoming counseling meeting”

Homeschooling Parents in Germany Lose Right to Educate Their Children
“A European court ruled that German authorities are allowed to forcibly remove children from their home if the parents homeschool. Could that happen in the United States?”

What Is the Opposite of Homosexuality? Why Marriage Is Not My Mission
“Holy sexuality consists of only two paths: chastity in singleness and faithfulness in marriage — as defined by God to be between a husband and his wife. Chastity is more than simply abstention from extramarital sex; it conveys purity and holiness. Faithfulness is more than merely maintaining chastity in marriage and avoiding illicit sex; it conveys covenantal commitment.”

What Has the Lord Been Teaching You From His Word? – Tim Challies
“Earlier in the week, eager to be encouraged, I put this question out to Twitter: What has the Lord been teaching you from his Word recently? The responses were quick, plentiful, and encouraging. Here are a few of them.”

I Lost Mom, but I’ll Never Lose the Church
“It’s not hard to find articles pointing out the church’s shortcomings. Our reading streams are inundated with digital fingers pointing out her stains and failures. And yes, the church is frail and frequently falls short of her calling. Yet in all her missteps and imperfections, she met me in my sorrow, and she was exactly what I needed.

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