It’s been a sad time for the Christian Church over the past couple of years as various prominent Christian preachers and teachers have fallen into sin or, worse, fallen from the faith. I’m sure many of us look at this and ask, “If they fall, what hope for me? If they don’t get to the end of the Christian race, how will I ever manage it?

On top of that there’s the opposition to Christians that come from the every corner of world – the political world, the business world, the legal world, the entertainment world, the media world, the educational world. Again, this makes us wonder, “Will I persevere in the faith in the face of such opposition?”

The Colossians also looked at their own weakness and around at the opposition and must have had the same fears and raised the same questions because Paul wrote Colossians 1:21-23 to encourage and enable them persevere by asking them to look back and look at Christ’s power.

Below you’ll find a video on this passage that uses the Compelling Communicator methodology (adapted for sermons) and its Message Architect software to put together a sermon outline. For an explanation of the Compelling Communicator methodology and the Message Architect software, see previous video here. Previous videos in this series are:

Underneath each video you’ll find PDF and Word documents generated by the software. As I said before, if you want motivation to watch the videos and discover how brilliant this method and software is, have a look at the Sermon Blueprint PDF underneath the video.

Gospel Motives for Gospel Perseverance

Sermon Blueprint (PDF)
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