How prominent is Christ in your worldview? When you view the world, what place does Christ have in it? When you look back at history and look ahead to the how big does Christ appear? I’m sure these questions convict all of us and create within us a desire to restore the supremacy of Christ in our worldview. But how do we do that? Colossians 1:15-20 gives us a blueprint.

Below you’ll find a video that uses the Compelling Communicator methodology (adapted for sermons) and its Message Architect software to put together a sermon outline on this passage. For an explanation of the Compelling Communicator methodology and the Message Architect software, see previous video here. Previous videos in this series are:

Underneath each video you’ll find PDF and Word documents generated by the software. As I said before, if you want motivation to watch the videos and discover how brilliant this method and software is, have a look at the Sermon Blueprint PDF underneath the video.

Restoring the Supremacy of Christ to our Worldview

Sermon Blueprint (PDF)

Sermon Notes (Word)