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Here’s this week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

This week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is the first year of the children’s Morning and Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf. And this is the second year in Word and pdf.

The first 12 months of the Morning or Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

Here’s an explanation of the plan.

And here are the daily Bible Studies gathered into individual Bible books with Genesis and Matthew now complete (explanatory note).

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Sleeping Your Way To A Sound Theology

Over the last couple of days I’ve been blogging about sleep:

You can find a third installment on the subject over at The Christward Collective where I briefly discuss 10 Lessons God Teaches Us From Sleep. The bullet points are:

  1. God reminds us we are merely creatures
  2. God gifts us with sleep
  3. God reminds us we are unnecessary
  4. God calls us To Trust Him
  5. God will chastise us if we refuse sleep
  6. God reminds us of death
  7. God reminds us of hell
  8. God teaches us about the Savior
  9. God teaches us about salvation
  10. God teaches us about heaven

Read the rest here.

Some Cheap Weekend Reading For Kindles

I like to scour Amazon on Fridays for some cheap weekend reading, usually picking up a great book or two for a few bucks that I can read through in a few of hours.

As I spend my week reading Christian books for my teaching and preaching, I’m usually on the lookout for something a bit different, often a biography about someone I’d like to know more about, perhaps a popular history book, or maybe something on leadership/time management/study techniques. If I buy a duffer, well, it was only a couple of bucks. Some of the previous weeks’ books are still on offer (check lists here and here).

First up this week are a few of Ben Carson books at reduced prices, including one for kids.

Gifted Hands 20th Anniversary Edition: The Ben Carson Story ($3.74) by Ben Carson.

Remarkable biography of Ben Carson’s amazing rise from inner city poverty to international prominence as a surgeon and political campaigner.

Gifted Hands, Revised Kids Edition: The Ben Carson Story ($3.99) by Ben Carson.

My own children loved this kids version.

Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence ($3.79) by Ben Carson

Ben Carson, at his motivational and inspiring best.

The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History ($3.99) by Robert Edsel.

This bestselling book focuses on the eleven-month period between D-Day and V-E Day, and follows six Monuments Men and their impossible mission to save the world’s great art from the Nazis.

Seabiscuit: An American Legend ($5.98) by Laura Hillenbrand.

Another New York Times Bestseller at greatly reduced price by the author of Unbroken (still available at $6.99).

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5 Key Findings About Student Debt
Student debt is the only kind of household debt that continued to rise through the Great Recession, eclipsing credit card debt to become the second largest type of debt owed by American households, after mortgages. According to a new Pew Research report, a record 37% of young households had outstanding student loans in 2010, up from 22% in 2001 and 16% in 1989. The median student debt owed by these young households was $13,000. Here are 5 key findings about young households with student debt.

It’s Now The Canadian Dream
Whatever you do, don’t tell Tim Challies.

The Gospel of Genesis: God’s Message of Salvation From The Beginning
If you are anywhere near the Chicago area, this would be a great conference to sign up for. I’ve been before and the teaching and fellowship was excellent.

Can What You Eat Affect Your Mental Health?
New research links diet and the mind.

Should Counselors Talk About Themselves?
Bob Kellemen interacts with Phil Monroe’s discussion of when it is helpful/unhelpful for counselors to talk about their own life and struggles.

Math Trick: How To Multiply Numbers By Drawing Lines
I have absolutely no idea how this works but it’s come 30 years too late for me.

10 Reasons Why We’re Sleeping So Badly

If there are so many good reasons to sleep longer, why don’t we do it? Here are ten possible reasons.

1. Ignorance: If you want to plead this, don’t read yesterday’s post. If you’ve read it, sorry, you now have no excuse. Most of us just don’t know or understand the deep and wide impact of sleeplessness upon us and others. If our schools substituted sleepology for algebra, we’d have a lot more healthy and much brighter kids.

2. Indiscipline: Some of us do know, but still don’t do anything with that knowledge. We may not know all the science, but we see and feel the impact of sleeplessness upon us, yet still refuse to change. We lack the willpower to make the necessary adjustments to our schedule and lifestyle.

3. Irregularity: Our bodies thrive on rhythm and routine. Like all clocks, our body clocks like to be primed and set regularly. When our bodies know what’s coming next, they get into a pattern of injecting the right chemicals into our systems for work, for rest, for exercise, etc. If we are chopping and changing that all the time, our body chemistry goes haywire. That’s a huge challenge of course for variable shift workers; they’re really up against it and really have to work at this twice as hard to do half as well. In other words, don’t just give up on building rhythm into life, but do all that you can to build as much regularity as you can, especially in pre-bedtime routines.

4. Teenagers: When you’ve got teenagers crashing, banging, coughing, TALKING around the house till all hours, it doesn’t exactly motivate you to get to bed early, if you simply have to lie there fizzing while listening to the monsters in the basement. Maybe we can throw in the uncooperative wife or husband here too. Just as with money management, unless our wife or husband is on board and committed to adjusting bed-times, etc., there’s hardly any point in even trying. It will just lead to more frustration and annoyance.

5. Screens: The last thing many of us do at night is check our email/Facebook/Twitter, etc. Yet research has shown that the effect is similar to looking at the sun behind the clouds at midday! What message is our brain receiving when we do that just before trying to sleep? “Up and at ‘em, brain. It’s time to work (or play)!” Similar to the screens problem, when we stimulate our brains (and body chemistry) with films, TV news, computer games, Facebook, etc., even an hour or two before bed-time we’re asking for delayed and disturbed sleep. And we’ll get it.

6. Caffeine and alcohol: Both are stimulants and not only prevent sleep but reduce its quality. Caffeine’s half-life is 5-7 hours, meaning it takes that amount of time for half of it to leave our system. And remember, many soft-drinks contain caffeine too.

7. Exercising too late: I learned this the night before my wedding when I decided that the best way to sleep that anxious night was to go for a run along a Scottish beach at 10pm. Eight hours later, I was still wide-eyed but far from bushy-tailed. Of course, to this point we must also add “exercising too little.” If we just sit at a desk or in the car all day and then expect to be tired enough to sleep, we can expect some protests from our bodies: “Hey, you haven’t done anything with me yet!”

8. Anxiety: Worry seems to wake up when we are trying to sleep, and it’s often more powerful than our sleepiness. Learning how to cast our cares upon God and to trust him to care for us is far better and healthier in the long-term than sleep medications.

9. Greed/Ambition/Materialism/Workaholism/Pride: Perhaps this cluster of related factors is the biggest cause of sleep deprivation in our own culture. People look at the idea of spending about a third of life asleep, losing 20 years of their lives to sleep, and think, “I can make much more money, become much more successful, if I cut back on that.” Most people who try this gain time in the short-term but lose it in the long-term as health is gradually impacted and life is shortened. We all have only so much “fuel in the tank” and we either pace it out over a longer period of time or we put the foot to the floor and crash and burn more quickly.

We may have to go with less sleep for a special season of extra work or special ministry, but if that becomes our pattern and habit, we won’t be working or ministering well or for long.

10. Disobedience: We simply reject the loving God who graciously and wisely gives us the great gift of sleep (Ps. 3:5; 127:2). “No thanks,” we say, “Don’t need it, don’t want it!” But when we reject our Creator’s gifts and instructions we effectively uncreate ourselves and begin to disintegrate – physically, morally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

How about this for a verse to put above your bed: “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety” (Ps. 4:8).

I haven’t read this book yet, but together with Kevin DeYoung’s Crazy Busy, I think And So To Bed: A Biblical View of Sleep could be the most timely book of the past year. 

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How I Set Up My Desks: One For Sitting, One For Walking
Fascinating post from Any Naselli. And here’s an eBook on the subject by Matt Perman: How to Set Up Your Desk: A Guide to Fixing a (Surprisingly) Overlooked Productivity Problem.

When Was The Last Time You Made a Thank You Phone Call?
“Most of the time I can tell people are waiting for the catch. They’re waiting for me to move past the pleasantries and speech about gratitude and get into the real reason I’m calling–to ask for something else. But when that something else never comes, I can almost hear the relief in their voices.”

Six Ways Parenting A Difficult Child Can Strengthen Your Marriage
An encouraging brief post.

A Short Commentary on Commentaries
Kevin DeYoung has just finished preaching 60 sermons on Acts (not all on one Sunday). Here are his resulting commentary recommendations.

7 Questions For Discouraged Pastors To Ask Themselves
Paul Tautges: “If you are discouraged in ministry today, perhaps you ought to take a step back from your work and consider the questions below. Hopefully the answers to these questions will spur you to think ahead and aim at long-term results in your ministry.”

Outstanding Musical Performance By 10-year-Old Boy
This should bring happy tears to your eyes.