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Eternalizing the Old Testament | The Christward Collective

The Forgotten God – Divine Attributes We Are Ashamed Of and Why We Shouldn’t Be | Credo Magazine

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David Brooks Charts the Road to Character | The Gospel Coalition

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R.C. Sproul Jr. – Student In a School of Fools

Kindle Books

Is Jesus in the Old Testament? by Iain Duguid $2.99.

A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day by Catherine Parks $2.99.

The Art of Personal Evangelism by William McRaney $0.99. Click through and scroll down for a good number of books on evangelism at low prices.

Plus hundreds of Puritan books at a dollar or less at

Recommended Book

Not a new one but it is a classic that every man should read.

The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Witmer $7.99.


Randy Alcorn Destroys The False Distinction Between Joy And Happiness

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You Never Know Who Might Be Listening
Tim Lane: “Once again, I was awakened to the fact that real sufferers are always in my audience. The impact was almost like a reset button for me. When I am teaching, I am more than a “talking head” disseminating information. Rather, I am a servant speaking words of life to people who need grace. You really never know who is listening.”

Is Preaching Really Foolishness?
What did Paul mean when he said that preaching was foolishness?

Why White Christians Should Listen To Black Christians
Jemar Tisby encourages white Christians, who are being pushed to the margins, to start listening to those who’ve lived there.

Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Sermon Illustrations
I’ve fallen down every one of these.


11 Outrageous Items Still On Sale Online
Nazi uniform anyone? Try Amazon.

Major Harvard-affiliated Boston Hospital Expels Physician For Voicing Concerns About Homosexual Behavior

Biomarker Helps Identify Mental Illness in Women
This is good news and should motivate us to regularly pray for medical researchers: “San Diego researchers report that for the first time, they have identified a biological marker: the over-production of specific genes that could be a diagnostic indicator of mental illness in female psychiatric patients.”

Fly Brain Senses Swat Threat
This is important. “Researchers in the US say that they have solved the mystery of why flies are so hard to swat….The research suggests that the best way of swatting a fly is to creep up slowly and aim ahead of its location.” Wish I’d known that last night.

Kindle Books

Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament $4.99.

To Be Near Unto God by Abraham Kuyper $2.99.

Understanding Scripture: An Overview of the Bible’s Origin, Reliability, and Meaning by Wayne Grudem $2.99.

Pastors in the Classics: Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature by Leland Ryken $1.99.


How To Engage Today’s Gay Marriage Debate

The Easiest Way To Self-Publish

One of the reasons why I almost stopped blogging a couple of months ago was the growing awareness that blog posts are so ephemeral. No matter how good the content, they may flare for 24 hours, but soon they fall off the bottom of the page as more blogs are published and the article is gone forever. Sure, the odd person may discover it on the 34th page of a Google search but it’s basically buried in the virtual cemetery within a few days.

Which raises the question, “Is this the best use of my time?” Would it not be better to work on something with a longer-shelf-life, something more permanent, something that may not burn very brightly but will burn longer?

One of the ways I answered that question was to cut down on the number of blog articles I was writing each week in order to concentrate my limited mental resources and time on a research project which will take me maybe two years to complete, but which I hope will be a long-term blessing to the church.

But another way I answered the question was to make past blog posts more permanent, by turning them into eBooks. With the help of my assistants Sarah, Esther, and Marjolein, we sorted through 5-6 years of blog posts and selected the best 500 or so. We then divided them into two books, The Christian Life and The Christian Ministry, and categorized the articles in each book under several topics.

What made all this so easy was using Pressbooks software. The beauty of this (especially for bloggers) is that it uses exactly the same software as WordPress (see screenshot below).

Pressbooks copy

So if you’ve ever used WordPress, you’ll feel very much at home. And if you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s so easy to learn. Moving around chapters is easy – just drag and drop. And you have a choice of dozens of typeset templates which you can experiment with at the click of a button to see what your finished book will look like. People will think you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Typesetting.

You can output in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB for free, although the book will have a Pressbooks watermark on the pages. You can remove the watermark by upgrading the book. That costs about $20 for EPUB and MOBI, and a further $80 for PDF. However, Pressbooks often offer special 50% discounts, which you can be informed of via their email list. But even without the discount, you basically can produce a really nice looking eBook in MOBI (Kindle) format for $20. The only additional cost might be to get a cover designed. Mine were done by my blog designer, Cameron Morgan.

The final step is to upload your book to Kindle Direct Publishing, which is quick and easy, and within a few hours, your book will be on sale on Amazon! You can also produce a paperback version of your book using Createspace, a process I’m starting out on with another eBook, God’s Mobile Home (to make it more readable for kids)Pressbooks again can help with the initial stages of that, but I’ve found the Createspace uploading process a bit more complicated compared to Kindle Direct Publishing.

Self-publishing will never take the place of quality Christian publishers; but it might be a useful way for you to get started in writing and publishing, and maybe attract the attention of a publisher or an agent. For myself, I see it as a way of making existing written material more accessible and permanent, and also for quick and smaller publishing projects that are worthwhile but probably wouldn’t interest a traditional publisher. I also used it to bundle together a number of smaller works on happiness that came out of my research for The Happy Christian but were not included in that book (see A Bundle of Joy: Six Books on Christian Happiness).

BTW, although it might be tempting to price your books at zero in order to increase distribution, Amazon don’t like you doing that and will not actively promote your book in their searches (they want their cut!).

A Bundle of Joy

The Christian Ministry

The Christian Life

God’s Mobile Home

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A Life Changing Event One Year Later | Borrowed Light

Hello, I Am an Idol | The Gospel Coalition

Ask R.C.: What Are Some Concerns You Have With the Homeschooling Movement?

The End of the University by Roger Scruton  First Things

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Kindle Books

Marriage Is: How Marriage Transforms Society and Cultivates Human Flourishing $2.99

Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life? by Michael Wittmer $2.99

Entrusted with the Gospel by Andreas Kostenberger $0.99.

Reading Comprehension: How To Drastically Improve Your Reading Comprehension and Speed Reading Fast! $2.99.


Free Streaming Video Series on Suffering From Elisabeth Elliot

God’s Mobile Home

paperbackfront_753x930 (5)God’s Mobile Home: Stories of Grace from the Tabernacle $1.99.

Most Bible reading plans founder towards the end of Exodus, and collapse after the first few chapters of Leviticus, as the stirring narratives of Genesis and the first half of Exodus give way to chapter after chapter of laws and regulations about the Tabernacle, it’s furniture, and its rituals. Preachers also tend to avoid these chapters like the plague because they are so hard to bring to “life” for a contemporary audience.

That’s where this short book comes in. God’s Mobile Home attempts to put real-life flesh and bones on the Bible’s teaching about the Tabernacle. Rooted in Scripture, it narrates how the words of Exodus and Leviticus translated into action in the ordinary lives of ordinary Israelites. It’s a story about the Tabernacle as seen through the eyes of a young Israelite girl, her family, and her favorite priest; a story that teaches a lot of theology, but does so in a way that young people and even children can understand. You can read a sample chapter here.

For those who want to go a bit deeper, there are study questions for each chapter that have been designed to lead readers further into the New Testament’s light on the Tabernacle.

I invite you to join Jerusha, Benjamin, Rachel, Abiel, Rouel, and Levi as the Tabernacle and its teaching about God and His grace come to life. May God’s Mobile Home bring God into the home of your heart. May He tabernacle with you, full of grace and truth.

Other eBooks in this series include:

A Bundle of Joy

The Christian Ministry

The Christian Life

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No Adam, No Fall, No Original Sin, No Substitutionary Atonement | A Daughter of the Reformation
It’s logical.

The Benefits of Catechetical Preaching
Bill Boekestein makes the case.

Former Mars Hill elder apologizes | World Mag
This is encouraging to everyone in conflict situations.

Take Heed | Reformed Theology Articles at
Older article but sadly every relevant.

How to Stop Forgetting What You Read | Scott Young
From the guy who did four years of MIT courses in one year.

You’re Using The Internet Wrong: Here’s How To Finally Eliminate Digital Distractions | Fast Company
Some good hints and tips here.

70+ book picks from TED speakers and attendees | TED Blog
Find out what’s influencing the influencers. But remember that Bestsellers ≠ Best Books.

Color Me Colorblind | R C Sproul Jr
“I wish we lived in a world, and I hope and in fact know that one day we will live in a world where no one has to pretend to be something that they are not–because nobody is going to value that which has precious little value. Rachel did not need to be white, she did not need to be black. All she needed to be was a woman and all she needed to do was work for the advancement of people. That is the world I am looking forward to and the day that I’m hoping for and the future that I am laboring for.”

Kindle Books

Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul by John Macarthur $1.99.

Mad About Us: Moving from Anger to Intimacy with Your Spouse by Gary and Carrie Oliver $1.99.

Emotions: Can You Trust Them?: The Best-Selling Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Feelings of Anger, Guilt, Self-Awareness and Love by James Dobson $1.99.