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Liberating Black Theology
Jared Oliphint begins a series  on Anthony Bradley’s important book.

The pastor’s “to-do” and “not-to-do” list
“Somehow between the first cup of coffee and the whistle at the end of the day we have wandered into the marshy soil of distraction. A good to-do list will help populate the not to-do list.”

Jesus is what the Old Testament Promised Him to be
If this doesn’t get your devotional juices flowing, nothing will.

15 tips on blogging from John Newton
Just read it…you’ll be amazed.

When the enemy asks questions about disability
Greg’s right, the parents of disabled children are specially targeted by the evil one. Thankfully God has special help for them too.

A wife’s submission is not…
Paul Tautges summarizes the booklet “Help, I can’t submit to my husband.”

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A mother’s “call to worship”
Gloria Furman is an expert at finding the Gospel in the mundane

Confessions of a recovering perfectionist
“One of the other pastors at our church showed up one morning last week at the kitchen door as I was doing dishes in my red moose pajama pants and previous day’s makeup.” (Thought that might make you read it).

8 reasons why my anxiety is pointless and foolish
Can’t imagine the ever-mellow Justin Taylor being anxious, but he’s served the rest of us here.

What I would tell a 27-year-old church planter
I think I’d say much the same to 55-year-old settled pastors as well!

The value of sermon introductions
“How to stop giving your congregation theological whiplash.”

Getting healthy: What I was doing wrong
“Though it felt like it, things didn’t suddenly go wrong in 2011. What I experienced that year was the consequence of what I had been doing for the previous 4 years. In short, I was doing too much for too long without resting.”