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Cleaning the Crib
A lot of pastors will identify with this.

The Tough Decisions Surrounding Moral Failure
Four phases of handling moral failure in leaders.

New Credo Magazine: Old Princeton
This has got to be the most beautifully produced Christian magazine on the web. Great content too.

Plain Preaching: Puritan Evangelism
Joel Beeke with three lessons from the Puritans for today’s preachers.

Legalism or obedience
Fred Zaspel: “Find a Christian who is careful to obey God in everything, and we won’t have to look far to find another Christian to call him a legalist. What do we make of this?”

Disability and the Gospel
Kara Dedert continues her summary and review of Disability and the Gospel.

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Children’s Bible Reading Plan

This week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

This week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is the first 12 months of the children’s Morning and Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s the first 12 months of the Morning or Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s an explanation of the plan.

Romney VP Pick: 3 Big Questions Answered

Must confess I was surprised, happily surprised, by Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan. It provides good answers to three huge questions:

1. How much does he want it?
It’s been worrying to see Romney so defensively weak while being pummeled by Obama’s negative ads about him and his business record. There comes a time when you have to stop smiling and start snarling. Is this just going to be another half-hearted McCain-type effort? When’s he going to put on the gloves, never mind take them off again? You can’t win this thing without wanting it more than your opponent. The Ryan pick shows that Romney wants it big, and is prepared to fight big for it; not an ugly Chris Christie slugfest, but an ideological fight about the fundamental principles and future direction of the country.

2. Why does he want it?
If he had picked Portman or some other boring grey suit, we could only conclude that he was playing safe, hoping to win by “not being Obama,” and then managing American decline in a more competent way than Obama. In other words, he wanted it more for his C.V. than for the country, more for himself than for the rest of us. The Ryan pick shows that Romney’s not in this just to get the Oval Office, but to get the country back on track.

3. What will he do with it?
This was the question that niggled most conservatives deep in their hearts. Is he just going to re-arrange the deck chairs in a nicer pattern, or is he going to repair, rebuild, and re-launch the ship? Is he going to kick the can down the road again, or is he going to change the game? Does he have the guts, the determination, the courage to do what so desperately needs to be done?

The Ryan pick demonstrates that Romney is not only in it to win it in 2012, but to win for future generations too. It offers a clear choice for America’s future – An entitlement society or a responsible society. And BTW, as Ryan’s budget demonstrates, “responsible” includes caring for the weak, the elderly, and the poor, but in a way that also secures a hopeful future for our young.

Bonus: And check Denny Burk’s analysis of Paul Ryan’s record on social issues for further encouragement. Time to add Paul and his family to our prayers. They’re about to be “Palined.”

Curiosity and Christ: Should Christians support exploration of Mars?

After eight and a half months, 352 million miles, and $2.5 billion dollars, Curiosity Rover landed on Mars accompanied by widespread congratulations and jubilation.

Can we join in? Should Christians support and celebrate the Mars Exploration Program? More importantly, does God?

Worshipping God
Curiosity has certainly given us more reason to worship God. The pictures are astounding in what they reveal of our Creator’s high-definition creation. Clearly, Mars was neither an accident nor an afterthought. It was deliberately conceived, designed, produced and carefully placed in its orbit by a wise and powerful God. If you want to be awed, consider that the Valles Marineris rift system on Mars is 10 times longer, five times deeper and 20 times wider than the Grand Canyon!

Truly, the heavens declare God’s glory and the sky proclaims His handwork (Psalm 19:1). And it’s not just Mars that evokes worship, it’s also the technology and the human brains that invented it that make us worship the God who made such brains, materials, forces, and laws to enable such an accomplishment to take place. We lift our hands and faces skywards, just as the NASA scientists did, but we look beyond a red planet and a robot to see the God behind it all.

Loving our neighbor
We might also argue that supporting NASA is a way of loving our neighbors. “What, our Martian neighbors?” No, I’m referring to the numerous spin-off benefits that the space program’s research has brought to the human race: ultrasound, microprocessors, cell phones, medical treatments, Teflon (and 1500 others according to NASA). It is estimated that for every dollar spent on the space program, the U.S. economy receives about $8 of economic benefit.

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When God withdraws his presence
Excellent, excellent interview of Ryan Kelley on spiritual desertion. Great list of resources on spiritual desertion and depression here as well.

Phillips’ Axioms
So much good stuff here! Should brighten up your Friday too.

Everyday Evangelistic Conversations
Definitely something I want to get better at.

What the most successful people do before breakfast
I was going to write something like this article when I read USA Today’s report. But now I don’t have to because David Mathis has done it so much better than I could.

Condoleezza Rice: No Higher Honor
Big thanks to Matt Perman for blogging Condeleeza Rice’s speech at the Global Leadership Summit. Some fantastic quotes also from Jim Collins at the same conference.

From Foster Care to Baby Cooperatives
And if you thought it was just about gay marriage, think again. It’s about the destruction of the whole biblical concept of the family.