The most unbelieved 10 letters in the Bible

Some of you are expecting something like six-day-creation, aren’t you? Or a literal, historical Adam? Or something related to the Trinity or the divinity of Christ? Or maybe the exclusivity of Christ as the only way to God?

But it’s none of these things. It’s 10 letters found in Ephesians 2:9.


The hardest words for unbelievers to believe.

Often the hardest words for believers to keep on believing.

I’ve asked hundreds of seniors about their hope for heaven, and despite listening to thousands of  N…O…T…O…F…W…O…R…K….S sermons their entire lives, many still answer, “I’ve done my best…I’ve gone to church…I raised my children to go to church…I pray and read my Bible…etc.”

Ask even your own children, your own regularly evangelized children, “What’s a Christian?” and you’ll be stunned at how often they’ll give child versions of the seniors’ answers.

And though most Christians will be able to give you the “salvation by grace apart from works” answer in a theology exam, their personal daily spiritual experience too often defaults to various versions of “salvation by works.”

It’s as if W…O…R…K…S is tattooed on our hearts from birth.

Regular Gospel preaching is the only laser that removes this deadly tattoo.

Or, perhaps it would be better to say that regular Gospel preaching tattoos these five life-giving letters N…O…T…O…F in front of the five killers.

How our lives would be transformed if we could really believe and keep on believing these 10 unbelievable letters!

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  2. There will always be another idea that looks better than the one you’re working on.
  3. Don’t let your high expectations hold you back.
  4. The answer will only arrive after we stop looking for it.
  5. Grit, the stubborn refusal to quit, is the single best predictor of success.
  6. Creative greatness is the result of an ensemble.
  7. Find your unique superpower.
  8. Create an environment where people can be their best selves.
  9. Keep a work diary because you’re busy.
  10. Celebrate your small wins.
  11. We’re most productive when we’re doing meaningful work.
  12. You need to earn every single user who visits your site.
  13. Always say “Yes, and…”
  14. Be positive, be real, and act confidently what you are
  15. Diversity isn’t just nice – it’s necessary.
  16. Don’t found “the next big thing,” found “the next big culture.”
  17. Perfection is not overrated – quality matters.
  18. Trust the data, even if it surprises you.
  19. Forge ahead: invent your own research process.
  20. Transparency and vulnerability always wins.
  21. It’s not the first impression that counts. It’s the second, third, fourth, and fifth impression.
  22. Listen to your customers to transform your business.
  23. Hire slow, fire fast.
  24. Do your “One Thing” better than anyone else.
  25. At the core of any exciting project is a difficult problem.
  26. You must ship (preferably within a year).
  27. If you’re not having doubt, you’re not pushing hard enough.
  28. Frustration is where my creativity comes from.
  29. Think of your work as a gift.
  30. Just ask! Ask for more time, more creativity, more money.
  31. Fall in love with building the capacity of people.
  32. Propose ideas without polish.
  33. Don’t surrender strategy to execution.

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