I am very much alive!

It being Memorial Day here in the USA, I was going to take a day away from the blog. But I’ve just received a phone call from my wife to check if I’m still alive. She was phoned by her family in Scotland to ask if I’d died! Apparently there is an email circulating with rather exaggerated reports of my death. Not sure how I can stop others being unnecessarily distressed by this other than by posting a message on my blog, Facebook, etc., and hoping that the truth reaches my family and friends quicker than the lies.

What a crazy world!

More on preaching without notes

I’ve written before about preaching without (or with less) notes (here and here). Here’s some more advice from Jerry Weissman on how to disconnect from your notes and connect with your hearers.

One CFO showed up for his coaching session at my company with his presentation written out in full sentences. I asked him to reduce each sentence to a four-word bullet and to speak from that. He did and it flowed. Then I asked him to reduce each four-word bullet to one word and to speak from that. He did and it flowed. Then I asked him to speak without any text. He did and it flowed.

Why not try it on Sunday?

At least with one of your points.

You can blame me!

CK2:12 A conversation with Nancy Guthrie

Download here.

Author and speaker Nancy Guthrie pays us a visit on this week’s Connected Kingdom podcast. We talk about Nancy’s teaching ministry to women, and especially her Bible Study books on Christ in the Old Testament. Nancy also explains how the Lord used the loss of two infant children to move her and her husband David to host regular retreats for other bereaved parents. You can watch David and Nancy glorify God as they talk with Joni about Holding on to Hope in the midst of this suffering.

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Barna Report: How technology is influencing families

Fascinating new report just published by the Barna Group on the impact of technology on families. You can read a summary here, but here are the major findings.

1. Parents are just as dependent on technology as are teens and tweens.

2. Most family members, even parents, feel that technology has been a positive influence on their families.

3. Very few adults or youth take substantial breaks from technology.

4. Families experience conflict about technology, but not in predictable ways.

5. Few families have experienced—or expect—churches to address technology.

Re #5 you may want to have a look at this DVD or this book.


CrossReference: A brand plucked from the fire

Here’s the ninth in our preview series of ten films on the Old Testament appearances of Christ in the Old Testament. This week we look at how Christ defends the indefensible in Zechariah 3.

The first two videos will be permanently available online. (Episode 1, Episode 2). The remaining episodes will be released once a week for the next seven  weeks. Each of them will be available for online viewing for seven days.

DVD, HD download, and Study Guide available now from HeadHeartHand Media. DVD and Study Guide also available from Ligonier, and RHB.