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Confessions of a new Mom’s Devotional Life
If you’re a new Mom you’ll be encouraged. If you’re an expectant Mom you’ll be prepared. If you’re neither, you’ll be more prayerful and supportive for those who are.

13 Reasons Christians Don’t Need to Fear
So needed! Thank you.

Pastor, how are you on Facebook so much?
You may not have said it. But have you thought it? Ron Edmondson explains his social media strategy with four words.

A Christian walks into Barnes & Noble
Tony Reinke shares a superb quote from Herman Bavinck. This could change the whole way you look at the world.

Conquering the lonely grave
Mike Leake writes a moving Christ-centered post about his encounter with depression.

When the elders say No
Paul Levy’s takeaway from a remarkable and rare incident: “I’ve said it many times but we all need people who can get in our face and say no. The longer a man is in a pastorate the harder that is going to be. The need for us all to realise we are accountable men, to God and to others is absolutely vital. We must keep our best men in the local church, preaching, teaching, leading sessions, being tied to one local body of believers. There’s no work like the work of the Church.”

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Linking gun control to mental health misguided, ineffective
“A safer, healthier, more peaceful society is not borne of misguided legislation, but deep respect for God’s greatest creation: human life.”

4 Success Tips for Mental Health Support Groups
I’d love to see more of these in our churches.

Schizophrenia and the “successful”
This is a tremendously encouraging and challenging article, and so is the story it links to about Law Professor Elyn Saks, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia 30 years ago.

What would you say to yourself at 16?
Bob Kellemen answers.

When he feels far off
Print this and keep it handy for the next time God feels distant. Wise combination of biblical truth and spiritual experience.

Why I’m glad my Smartphone broke
“In many ways, a smartphone has become a mandatory extension of the mind. But I feel it has had no major impact on my life to leave it behind. I have come to deeply enjoy to being completely plugged out when I am not at my computer. I enjoy not always being up to date, and not having one more expensive item to worry about. It is a small temptation in your pocket that can make you lose focus on the people you’re around.”

Children’s Daily Bible Reading Plan

This week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

This week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is the first 12 months of the children’s Morning and Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s the first 12 months of the Morning or Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

Here’s an explanation of the plan.

And here are the daily Bible Studies gathered into individual Bible books. Further explanation of that here.

Old Testament

New Testament

May God bless you and your children as you study the Word of life.

5 reasons why Christians need to hear the Gospel

In his opening chapter of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus lists five reasons for preaching Christ today.

1. Jesus’ command: Go and make disciples of all nations  (Matt. 28:19-20).

2. Exciting News: The King has come! (John 1:41-42).

3. Life-giving news: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved (Acts 16:30-31).

4. Exclusive news: There is salvation in no one else (Acts 4:12).

5. Our hearers are living in a non-Christian culture.

Greidanus then provides five reasons why committed Christians as well as non-Christians need to hear explicitly Christ-centered sermons:

1. Centralizes Christ: In a post Christian culture such preaching will enable Christians to sense the centrality of Christ in their lives and in the world

2. Distinguishes from falsehood: It will help them distinguish their specific faith from that of Judaism, Eastern religions, the new age movement, the health-and-wealth gospel, and other competing faiths.

3. Builds faith in Jesus: It will continually build their faith in Jesus, their Savior and Lord.

4. Sustains Christians: Preaching Christ in a non Christian-culture sustains Christians as water sustains nomads in the desert.

5. Guides service: Even those committed to Christ must continually learn and relearn what it means to serve Jesus as Lord of their life.

These paragraphs also contain two great quotes:

“Genuine Christian faith and life can exist only so long as it remains a daily appropriation of Christ.” (J M Reu)

“The main objective of preaching is to expound Scripture so faithfully and relevantly that Jesus Christ is perceived in all his adequacy to meet human need.” (John Stott)

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Preaching Tolerance
Does the Bible have something to say about the practice of tolerance in the church of Jesus?

You and Your Conscience.
Fred Zaspel argues that “the moral decline within the church is evidence of a vanishing conscience.”

Will the real biblical woman please stand up
“Biblical womanhood is about a woman seeking to honor Jesus by consistently applying Scripture to her daily life, whatever that life looks like. It is as simple as that.”

The difficulties of racially integrated churches
Some realism to temper the dream.

10 Healthy Brain Essentials (Part 2)

10 Resources for Depression