My second military wedding

On Saturday I had the honor and privilege of conducting my second wedding of an American soldier – this time a US Marine who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Marines lined the sides of the church throughout the service – never felt so safe in my life – and then formed this guard (or was it a gauntlet?) as Josh and Laura left the church.

US Marine Wedding Video on Vimeo.

At the reception there was a deeply moving tribute to those present who had served their country in various wars, from World War II to the War on Terror, and hardly a dry eye in the house as the Marines remembered one of their comrades and close friends who lost gave his life in Afghanistan. I was then totally stunned as the young widow and two infant children came forward to comfort and console the still-grieving Marines.

It was good to be reminded of the need to keep praying not just for those who are still laying down their comfort and their lives for their country, but also for those who despite outward appearances are the walking wounded among us. There are emotional injuries that go deeper than any bullet.

To military families everywhere, thank you so much for your sacrificial service.

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