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5 Hats a Pastor Wears
So that’s why my head often hurts.

How to stay Christian in Seminary: Know Your Values
Wish articles like this didn’t need to be written. Pete Scribner reflects on this with Seminary doesn’t need to kill your faith. Trust me, it’s a more positive post than it sounds.

The Digital Puritan
Quite an amazing selection of Puritan books in various free and paid electronic formats.

10 Distinguishing Marks of Calvin’s Preaching
My favorite one is #4.

Bad Mood? Low energy? Simple explanation
Feel a bit blah? Time to start drinking…water

And you thought my stand-up desk was crazy! Think I could sneak this into the Seminary?

Are you the chicken of….?

I’ve steered deliberately off course too…

I’ve tried to impress old friends too…

I’ve sailed too close to the rocks too…

I’ve turned too late too…

I’ve let others suffer the consequences of my sins too…

I’ve fled from the scene too…

I’ve blamed others too…

I’ve feared to face up to my actions too…

I’ve changed my story too…

I’ve refused to take responsibility too…

I’ve lied to cover my tracks too…

Al Mohler rightly called Captain Schettino  ”The Chicken of the Seas

But am I the chicken of Grand Rapids?

Are you the chicken of…?

Don’t despair. There’s full and free and forever salvation in Christ for chickens everywhere.

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 40+ items tech will kill this digital decade
If you want to influence the digital generation then Erik Qualman’s as good and decent a guide as you’ll find.

Apple and Education
Well the announcement was even better than I hoped for. A revamped iTunesU, e-Textbooks from major educational publishers, and best of all software to create your own interactive multimedia e-Textbooks. Can’t wait to get started on this.

So your kid wants to be a writer
Well we all do, don’t we?

The difference between a lecture and a sermon
This is such an important distinction. I’m afraid that in many circles the sermon is in danger of being lost.

Ligonier Conference
Check out the five new bonus sessions at the Ligonier National Conference.

Ligonier Ministries 2012 National Conference (March 15-17 in Orlando) from Ligonier on Vimeo.

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On doing ordinary things
Maybe it’s because it met my need so perfectly at the moment, but I think this is one of the best articles Tim Challies has ever written.

He descended into Hell
Before I came to Grand Rapids, I have to admit I’d never given the Apostle’s Creed a second thought. Now I read it or hear it read every Lord’s Day. And of course, it’s got that ambiguous and oft-argued-about phrase: “He descended into Hell.” Aaron Armstrong introduces us to J I Packer’s explanation.

Online friends
I put my “Amen” to Anne’s thoughtful meditation on the positive value of online friendships.

The Joy of Quiet
How does the perennially cutting-edge designer Philippe Starck stay so consistently ahead of the curve? “I never read any magazines or watch TV,” he said, perhaps a little hyperbolically. “Nor do I go to cocktail parties, dinners or anything like that.” He lived outside conventional ideas, he implied, because “I live alone mostly, in the middle of nowhere.”

What’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology
I’m pretty excited about the expected Education Announcement from Apple later today, and especially hopeful that they will provide a tool for creating and distributing digital textbooks. I’ve looked into this again and again and unless you are a real geek, the tools are just not there. It’s so ripe for an “iPod moment.” However, I also agree with the late great Jobs that the problems with education are deeper than technology. When you read paras like this, you so much wish he was still alive to push his vision:

If we gave vouchers to parents for $4,400 a year, schools would be starting right and left. People would get out of college and say, “Let’s start a school.” You could have a track at Stanford within the MBA program on how to be the businessperson of a school. And that MBA would get together with somebody else, and they’d start schools. And you’d have these young, idealistic people starting schools, working for pennies.

They’d do it because they’d be able to set the curriculum. When you have kids you think, What exactly do I want them to learn? Most of the stuff they study in school is completely useless. But some incredibly valuable things you don’t learn until you’re older — yet you could learn them when you’re younger. And you start to think, What would I do if I set a curriculum for a school?

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David Wells is a “Prophet”
It appears that Dr David Wells predicted a Zambesi river bungee disaster! The video is also amazing.

Christianity Today Comes out Against Spanking
In a case of “today” taking precedence over “Christianity,” Denny Burk reflects on the magazine’s argument against taking the Bible literally.

How to be a miserable comforter
Pau Tautges analyzes Job’s counselors for lessons in how not to counsel and concludes:”If you want to be a sorry comforter, nurture a hyper-active connection between personal sin and every form of suffering and be sure to remind your spiritual friends that they are the ultimate cause of their suffering.”

How not to apologize
This is super-helpful and could save a lot of marriages (and churches)

Pastor Rob Ventura has started a new blog to preview and review books being published by Reformation Heritage Books. You can get sample chapters, author interviews, great discounts, and giveaways. And while we’re at it, here’s an interview with Jeremy Walker, author of the forthcoming Broken-Hearted Evangelist

Parenting by God’s Promises
I’m not just plugging this because he’s my boss! Nor am I plugging it because HeadHeartHandMedia produced the video! I just think this is a great book.

Parenting By God’s Promises – Joel Beeke from Ligonier on Vimeo.