The Cost of Mental Illness


This article advises businesses how to relate to employees with mental illness in their families. There is so much common grace in this article that it actually puts some Christians and churches to shame. Pastors and other church leaders could really benefit from reading this and doing it. The main points are:

1. There are real costs associated with employees having to carry this heavy weight of worry and responsibility,

2. Mind your attitude

3. Watch your words

4. Model behavior

5. Change the culture

A diet of 34 GB of data a day


According to the University of California the average American consumes 34 GB of data a day including 100,000 words of information.

How many of these bytes or words sanctify us?

Read the rest and view the graphics here.

How to say “No”

One of the hardest words for pastors to say is “No.”

“Will you join this committee?” “Can you write this article?” “Will you visit this person?” We think “no” but “yes” is what comes out.

“Pastor, should I marry this person?” “Pastor, should I take this job?” “Pastor, do you think I can preach?” We start saying the letter “n” but somehow end up saying “nyes.”

Here is some good advice on how to say “No.” In summary:

  • Use a neutral no
  • Be consistent
  • Explain the real reason you’re saying no
  • Don’t give false hope
  • Avoid a battlefront attitude
  • Know your triggers
  • Practice staying with no