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What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me? by David Platt ($1.89)

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New Book

Tangle: The Quest for Truth, Book 4 by Brock Eastman ($4.99) The latest in his series for kids.


3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy (Documentary Trailer)

20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Exegesis

Business Insider recently published an Infographic entitled 20 Cognitive Biases that Affect Your Decision-Making.

Cognitive Biases

If Infographics do nothing for you, I’ve summarized the information below. Have a look through and ask yourself: How many of these biases can also affect our exegetical decision-making. There were only two I found that I couldn’t match with exegetical biases (#13 & 19). But maybe you can suggest ways in which these might apply as well.

1. Anchoring bias. People are over-reliant on the first piece of information they hear.

2. Availability heuristic. People overestimate the importance of information that is available to them.

3. Bandwagon effect. The probability of one person adopting a belief increases based on the number of people who hold that belief.

4. Blind-spot bias. Failing to recognize your own cognitive biases is a bias in itself.

5. Choice-supportive bias. When you choose something, you tend to feel positive about it, even if that choice has flaws.

6. Clustering illusion. This is the tendency to see patterns in random events.

7. Confirmation bias. We tend to listen only to information that confirms our preconceptions.

8. Conservatism bias. When people favor prior evidence over new evidence or information that has emerged.

9. Information bias. The tendency to seek information when it does not affect action.

10. Ostrich effect. The decision to ignore dangerous or negative information by “burying” one’s head in the sand, like an ostrich.

11. Outcome bias. Judging a decision based on the outcome—rather than how exactly the decision was made in the moment.

12. Overconfidence. Some of us are too confident about our abilities, and this causes us to take greater risks in our daily lives.

13. Placebo effect. When simply believing that something will have a certain effect on you causes it to have that effect.

14. Pro-innovation bias. When a proponent of an innovation tends to overvalue its usefulness and undervalue its limitations.

15. Recency. The tendency to weigh the latest information more heavily than older data.

16. Salience. Our tendency to focus on the most easily recognizable features of a person or concept.

17. Selective perception. Allowing our expectations to influence how we perceive the world.

18. Stereotyping. Expecting a group or person to have certain qualities without having real information about the person.

19. Survivorship bias. An error that comes from focusing only on surviving examples, causing us to misjudge a situation.

20. Zero-risk bias. Sociologists have found that we love certainty—even if it’s counterproductive.

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The End of Christianity by William Dembski ($0.99)

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The Miracle of Dunkirk by Walter Lord ($2.51)


Amazing Grace Flashmob

Go Deep To Move Forwards

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.53.19 PM

Look at the volume of water in this reservoir and try to feel the pressure of it on the dam wall.

Now look down at the bottom of the wall and you’ll see a small sluice gate has been opened, releasing a tremendous jet of water.

Can you imagine the force in that rush of water through such a small space?

That’s the image I have in mind when I hear Paul’s say, “The love of Christ constrains us.” The word for “constrain” means “compression through narrowing.”

As Paul plumbs the length, breadth, depth, and height of Christ’s immeasurable love for him, it’s as if an unstoppable pressure builds upon his little life, compressing his soul, and propelling him forwards in passionate and powerful Gospel ministry.

If we would spend more time exploring the deeps of Christ’s love, we too would be jetted forwards in zealous and courageous service.

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Puritan Thomas Brooks with twenty reasons to engage in private prayer.

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“When I was a young boy, I distinctly remember sitting in the living rooms of various families of the churches we attended–watching VHS tapes of Dr. R.C. Sproul. At this time, that was an innovative way to be fed spiritually–to say the least.”

Why Most Sermons Fail in the First Five Minutes | Scribblepreach: Nick Macdonald
And how to change that.

5 Ways to Minister to Women in Crisis | TGC: Kristie Anyabwile
“Cancer strikes. A spouse is unfaithful. Abortion haunts. Sexual sin is exposed. A baby is stillborn. These tragic experiences are regular occurrences in our fallen world. Women we know are in these situations right now, and we must care for them in their trauma.”

Six Traits to Look For In A Spouse | Desiring God: Ben Reaoch
“If you’re single and desiring to be married, you will find that taking the Bible seriously will prove to be the best dating guide in the long run, rather than the superficial criteria the world urges us to focus on.”

Evangelicals Won’t Cave | First Things: Russell Moore
Why evangelicals will not be surrendering to the sexual revolution.

New Book Recommendation

The Happiness of Enjoying and Making a True and Speedy Use of Christ by Alexander Grosse.

Kindle Books

Introducing the Old Testament Books: A Thorough but Concise Introduction for Proper Interpretation by Paul Weaver (Free!)

When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics by Paul Copan $1.99.

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray $1.99.


The Secret of Ben Carson’s Success

Preparation for Hearing the Word of God Preached

This list came from a summary of a sermon by Pastor Al Martin.  It would make a great insert or bookmark for our Bibles.

Preparation for Hearing the Word of God Preached

1. Consciously cultivate fresh awareness that I will be confronted with the very words of the living God. (Matt. 4:4, 2 Tim 3:16, Isa. 66:2, Heb. 12:25, 1 Thes. 2:13)

2. Consciously repudiate by fresh repentance all that would hinder my joyful reception and effective assimilation of the Word of God. (1 Peter 2:1, James 1:21a, Jer. 4:3) Note: In the parable of the sower, it was the state of the soil (the heart) that determined the fate of the seed.

3. Consciously cultivate a meek and eager disposition of heart toward the Word which I will hear. (James 1:21b, Ps. 25:8-9, 1 Peter 2:2, Ps. 119:20 & 131, Acts 17:11, Prov. 27:7)

4. Consciously cultivate a disposition of dependence upon the Holy Spirit for His ministry as I anticipate the ministry of the Word. (Luke 24:45, John 14:26, Phil. 1:17, Ps. 119:18, Prov. 2:3-6, Jer. 17:5-9)

O God, believing that it is Your own living Word which I am about to hear, I repent of all that would hinder my hearing and receiving Your Word. I ask You to give me a meek and eager heart to receive Your Word and that the Holy Spirit will enable me to understand its truth.