paperbackfront_753x930 (5)The Christian Faith: Teaching Outlines from the Westminster Standards ($2.99)

Ever wanted help in learning or in teaching the Westminster Shorter Catechism or the Westminster Confession of Faith? Here’s a book that will do just that by providing you with simple and memorable teaching outlines for each of these historic statements of the Christian faith.

On the Amazon page, you can click “Look Inside” to see a sample of what the outlines look like for the Shorter Catechism. And here’s a sample of the Westminster Confession outlines.

May God use this teaching guide to bring these historic documents to life; instructing the head, igniting the heart, and impacting lives for His glory and our enjoyment.

paperbackfront_753x930 (3)The Christian Ministry: 250 Articles On Pastoring, Preaching, Counseling, and Leading ($2.99).

After 20 years of pastoral ministry, 12 years of training pastors in seminaries, and many years of blogging, writing, and speaking about pastoral ministry, I thought I might have enough material to put together an eBook on The Christian Ministry. What surprised me when I got down to it was just how much material I had for the book. After some ruthless pruning, I eventually got it down to about 250 articles, 700 plus pages, and 170,000 words divided into four categories: pastoring, preaching, counseling, and leading.

  • PASTORING: Shepherding, celebrity pastors, pastoral visitation, rookie pastors, pastoral joys (and miseries), call to the ministry, leaving a church, evangelism, social media, church discipline, hate mail, caring for the body, etc.
  • PREACHING: Sermon preparation, teaching tips, balanced preaching, evangelistic preaching, preaching without notes, and numerous articles on preaching Christ from the Old Testament.
  • COUNSELING: Counseling training, the sufficiency of Scripture, hospital visitation, pornography, mental health, depression, stress, suicide, etc.
  • LEADING: Church meetings, hiring, administration, workaholism, leadership types, control-freaks, etc.

You can also read much more on pastoral leadership in The Happy Leader, one of the books included in A Bundle of Joy: Six Books on Christian Happiness.

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The Christian Life: Over 300 articles and conference addresses on the Christian life ($2.99)

Over 300 articles and conference addresses that respond biblically, pastorally, and passionately to the most pressing and urgent Christian issues of recent times.

The book is divided into 20 categories (e.g. Parenting, Suffering, Growing, Worshipping, Working, Resting, etc.) and covers many contemporary issues like technology, homosexuality, politics, health care, science, and tightrope walking. It also addresses timeless issues such as prayer, Bible-reading, meditation, faith, and obedience!

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God’s Mobile Home: Stories of Grace from the Tabernacle ($1.99)

A series of short stories about the Tabernacle as seen through the eyes of a young Israelite girl, her family, and her favorite priest. Join Jerusha, Benjamin, Rachel, Abiel, Rouel, and Levi as the Tabernacle and its teaching about God and His grace come to life in “God’s Mobile Home.”


Six books on Christian joy totaling 800+ pages for $2.99!

A Bundle of Joy: Six Books on Christian Happiness is intended as a supplement or appetizer for The Happy Christian: 10 Ways To Be A Joyful Believer In A Gloomy WorldIn A Bundle Of Joy you’ll find six books that explore and apply the Bible’s teaching about joy in everyday life.

100 Days Of Happiness: A Daily Diet Of Joy For A Gloomy World

Snack on these short and instructive devotionals for 100 days and watch as your happiness expands, deepens, and grows into a healthy habit for the rest of your life.

1000 Happy Quotes: A History Of Christian Happiness

Select quotes about Christian happiness from every era of church history. Read a few a day and memorize some of the shorter ones to gradually drip-drip-drip joy into your soul until you overflow in joyful praise to God and joyful service to others!

The Happy Leader: Leading For Spiritual Profit

As the happiest Christian leaders model biblical leadership and thereby produce the most spiritual profit for the Christians and churches they lead, this book looks at thirteen biblical models of leadership.

  • The Humble Servant
  • The Patient Shepherd
  • The Courageous Captain
  • The Honest Steward
  • The Wise Communicator
  • The Social Media Maven
  • The Careful Timekeeper
  • The Sleeping Baby
  • The Efficient Administrator
  • The Respected Chairman
  • The Bull-Loving Matador
  • The Just Judge
  • The Motherly Father

The Happy Family: God’s Guide To Family Flourishing

As the most biblical families are the happiest families, here’s the basics of building a happy Christian family:

  • The Happy Father
  • The Happy Mother
  • The Happy Child
  • The Happy Husband
  • The Happy Wife
  • The Happy Single
  • The Happy Senior
  • The Happy Teen

The Happy Student: Happiness And Success At School

What makes for happy students? This book provides the answer based around eight topics:

  • Happy studies
  • Happy organization
  • Happy time-management
  • Happy health
  • Happy technology
  • Happy money-management
  • Happy relationships
  • Happy decision-making

The Happy Church: Holy, Healthy, Happy Churches

Holy, healthy, and happy churches are built upon truth, holiness, worship, justice, unity, and biblical diversity.

A Bundle of Joy: Six Books on Christian Happiness