Book Recommendations

Broken Minds: Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You’re Losing It by Steve and Robyn Bloem

Dealing with Depression by Sarah Collins and Jayne Haynes

Overcoming Spiritual Depression by Arie Elshout

Will Medicine Stop the Pain?: Finding God’s Healing for Depression, Anxiety, and other Troubling Emotions by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Laura Hendrickson

Good Mood Bad Mood: Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder by Charles Hodges

D Is for Depression: Spiritual, psychological and medical sources for healing depression by Michael Lawson

Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Its Cure by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Practical Workbook For The Depressed by Dr. John Lockley

Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray

When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for God–and Joy by John Piper

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission by Amy Simpson

Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness by Matthew Stanford

Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness by Edward T. Welch

I’m Not Supposed to Feel Like This: A Christian Approach to Coping with Depression and Anxiety by Chris Williams, et al

Article Links

Six Free Video Curriculum From 2014 | Brad Hambrick

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The Forgetfulness that Leads to Depression

How to Find Bread and Water in the Dungeon of Depression - Borrowed Light

If I’m a Christian, Why Am I Depressed? | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

7 Things NOT to Say to a Depressed Christian – Parchment and Pen Blog

What If We’re Wrong About Depression? –

10 Types of Thinking that Undergird Depression-Anxiety | Brad Hambrick

When Is Depression-Anxiety Sinful? | Brad Hambrick

Overcoming Depression-Anxiety: A Personal Responsibility Paradigm (Seminar Videos) | Brad Hambrick

20 Approaches to Battling Depression-Anxiety as Suffering | Brad Hambrick

Tangled Up in Blue: Depression and the Christian Life – Reformation21

12 Ways Depression-Anxiety Impacts Family and Relationships | Br ad Hambrick

Like Job, I Too Was Surrounded By Darkness

7 Factors that Contribute to the Impact of Depression-Anxiety | Brad Hambrick

Online Depression-Anxiety Evaluation | Brad Hambrick

Why Three Seminars on Depression-Anxiety? | Brad Hambrick

Depression, Divorce & New Life In Jesus: Ronnie’s Story – 20schemes

Depression, a Pastoral Approach

Depression and Common Grace | TGC

When Christians Suffer from Depression | TGC

Anxiety and Depression, My Strange Friends | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

My Second Round with Depression | Parchment and Pen

In The Dark | The Table: The Journal of the Biola University Center for Christian Thought

Christians Get Depressed Too – Dr. David Murray

9 Ways to Battle Depression, Condemnation and Anxiety > The Village Church

When Depression Comes Back | Addie Zierman | How To Talk Evangelical

Keith O’Neil | Game plan | bphope

The Christian Curmudgeon: When Darkness Is Your Only Friend

3 Suggested Uses for My Depression Interview | Counseling One Another

8 Causes of Spiritual Depression | The Christward Collective

How to Beat that Bad Mood | Challies Dot Com

New Study Shows Social Groups Alleviate Depression

Psychiatry Now Admits It’s Been Wrong in Big Ways: But Can It Change? | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

God Is with You in Depression | Desiring God

5 Things Christians Should Know About Depression and Anxiety | RELEVANT Magazine

The Psalmists’ Rich View of Depression

hope for depression | post traumatic stress disorder | depression recovery

In Case It’s the Right Question | Addie Zierman | How To Talk Evangelical

Allie Brosh On Depression | The American Conservative

Homeschooling with Depression

BBC News – Where hyenas are used to treat mental illness

Suffering service | The Briefing

Spiritual Depression: The Dark Night of the Soul by R.C. Sproul | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Depression among Christians

Examples of mental anguish and depression in the Bible

Mothering Through Depression and Chronic Illness | CBMW | The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

The Sad Christian | Parchment and Pen

The Depression Epidemic Revisited | Counseling One Another

Deserted by God? by Starr Meade | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Lessons Learned from the Dark Valley of Depression | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

How has faith shaped our view of mental illness?

Mental Health Black Community: What African Americans Need To Know About Mental Health | Breaking News for Black America

The Real Problems With Psychiatry – Hope Reese – The Atlantic

Review – Manufacturing Depression – Depression

Believing in God can help treat depression | Mail Online

Overcome Depression: How to Avoid Hitting Bottom |

Running the race to the finish!!: Coming Out of the Closet (sort of speak)

My Take: Let’s stop keeping mental illness a secret – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

13 Truths You Must Know about Depression, re-post from May 2011, Jenny Price | iwokeupyesterday

Suicide, Mental Illness, Depression, and the Church – Justin Taylor

Can a Christian get depressed?

My Take: How churches can respond to mental illness – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

Out of the darkness of Depression | Not So Common Sense Blog

Embracing God’s Promises … 1 – Focus on the Family Daily

Depression and the Limits of Psychiatry –

Any Place for the God of Job? – Reformation21 Blog

When He Feels Far Off – The Gospel Coalition Blog

The Austin Stone Counseling Center

BBC News – Self-help books ‘treat depression’

I am NOT a Depressed Person | Parchment and Pen

Christian—and Depressed | RELEVANT Magazine

Out of the Ordinary: Anxiety and the Battle for the Mind

Describing the indescribable | HeadHeartHand Blog

Unmasking Male Depression: Recognizing the Root Cause to Many Problem Behaviors Such as Anger, Resentment, Abusiveness, Silence, Addictions, and Sexual Compulsiveness: Dr. Archibald Hart

Camp Kivu’s Quest to Get Depressed Teens to Disconnect From Social Media – The Daily Beast

Depression Strikes Again: Leave Me Alone Black Dog

A Biblical Approach to Depression | Counseling One Another (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Mental Illness in the Bible – Christian Mental Illness

The Blues vs Clinical Depression – Christian Mental Illness

Storytelling and Your Brain | Everyday Theology

10 Tips For Getting Through Seasonal Depression

Swing Low: A Life: Miriam Toews: Books

Theology for Girls: When “Anxiety” Is Not A Sin – My Journey Through the Labyrinth Of Panic Disorder

Battling Depression . . . Redemption, Medication, and Christ – Desiring God

Battling Depression – Justin Taylor

A Day In The Life Of This Christian Living With Anxiety/Depression | Ragamuffin Soul

Every Time I Talk About Depression – Being Brave

Injecting the Light of H-O-P-E into a Dyed-Black Perspective | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

How to Pray When You’re Depressed: A Look at Psalm 13 | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

When Despair is Our Only Song – Christian foundations –

Depression: Hurtful Things to Avoid

When Feelings Fail – Wog Magazine

Depression: Helpful Things to Say and Do

Jesse Jackson Jr’s Shame on Us » Amy Simpson

When God Withdraws the Sense of His Presence – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Desert Springs Church Blog » Resources for Depression and Spiritual Desertion

The Ministry of Sorrow | Counseling One Another

The Internet Knows You’re Depressed, but Can It Help You? | Healthland |

Depression and your internet usage? | Musings of a Christian Psychologist

What can a depressed person do daily while fighting for joy? | Practical Shepherding

Depression – When We Want to Die | Parchment and Pen

Her.meneutics: Why Stay-at-Home Moms Are More Depressed Than Working Moms

Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, New York City

Borrowed Light: How John Piper Helped Me In the Midst of Darkness

A Prayer for Serving Our Friends Who Struggle with Depression – Heavenward by Scotty Smith

Depression and Scripture Reading | Gospel Grace

The Doctor Is IN | CCEF (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7)

How can I help my spouse through depression? | CCEF

How to Cope with a Depressed Spouse | Reader’s Digest

Pyromaniacs: Spurgeon on Depression

Wasted Depression | Thistletown Baptist Church

Depression | Biblical Counselling Australia

Pyromaniacs : Battling depression

Pyromaniacs: Book review — Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cures (re-issued and enhanced), by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Depressed and Doubting While Sitting in a Dungeon! –

The Upward Call – The Upward Call – Those nasty family legacies

With Depression, Helping Others May in Turn Help You –Doctors Lounge

BBC – Chris Bevan: Andy Morrison’s biggest battle

Out of the Darkness — Modern Love –

Danny Rossi’s Story on Vimeo

William Cowper’s Letters « Soliloquium

Cultivating Distrust of the Certainties of Despair – Justin Taylor

Grace for the Afflicted: Viewing … – Google Books

Depression: how should we understand it? | Wisdom for Life

BBC News – Persistent depression risk ‘doubles’ in abused children

Women Bible Life: depression

Anxiety and Depression Together | Psychology Today

No room for sadness (a closer look at depression) | Wisdom for Life

Spiritual Depression | Wisdom for Life

Spiritual Depression | RPM Ministries

Christians Get Depressed Too by Guy Waters | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Depression | The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc.

Discerning Reader: Review of Depression: A Stubborn Darkness by Ed Welch

Institute for Nouthetic Studies Blog » Blog Archive » Book Review: Depression, A Stubborn Darkness

Ann L. Dunnewold, Ph.D. » Blog Archive » Stigma

Do You See the Glory of God in the Sun? Spurgeon’s Battle Against Depression – Justin Taylor

BBC News – Not depressed, just sad, lonely or unhappy

Does Your Depression Mak e You Hypersensitive to Criticism? – Postpartum Progress

Depression and the Holidays – Roxborough-Manayunk, PA Patch

Hope for Your Dark Night of the Soul – Justin Taylor

The Dark Night of the Soul – Audio and Book Available (Links Corrected)

Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness | Magazine

The Happiness Project: 5 Common Happiness Mistakes — “Boosters” That Actually Do More Harm Than Good.

Lisa Notes: If you’re discouraged with yourself…

The Bleakest Psalm Is Really a Night-light :: Desiring God

A Boomer in the Pew: Video: David and Carol Porter – Our Story Filmed by Scottsdale Bible Church

What should a Christian do when overwhelmed with depression? – ChristianAnswers.Net

Hope for the Depressed

Children and Teenagers

Why Teenage Suicide is More than a Statistic for Me | TGC

BBC News – Test ‘predicts’ teen depression risk

Christian Teenagers – Depression FAQ For Teens

Time on the Internet Linked to Teen Depression | Covenant Eyes

The Internet Usage Patterns of Depressed College Students

BBC News – Late-night teens ‘face greater depression risk’

Post-Partum Depression 

When The Psychologist Has Postpartum Depression

When Christian Moms Get the Blues | Her.meneutics |

When New Moms Can’t Stop Worrying | Her.meneutics |

Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression: It’s Ok to Admit You Need Help (Part 1) | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

Black And Married With Kids Features Story on Postpartum Depression

How Other Cultures Prevent Postpartum Depression | baby gooroo

BBC News – Postpartum psychosis: Affected parents speak out

Bringing new mothers’ pain out of the shadows –

One In Five Get Postpartum Depression: Numbers Too Big To Ignore

Black with Postpartum Depression: My Therapist Had Never Treated A Black Woman

How To Tell Whether It’s Postpartum Depression Or Normal New Mom Stress

7 Postpartum Depression Survivors Share Their Stories Of Having More Children

Is Postpartum Depression Non-Existent in Other Cultures?

How Do You Tell A Pregnant Friend About Postpartum Depression?

Fact Checking The Postpartum Depression Doubters: “Pills Are The Easy Way Out”

Dads Must Deal With Indecisiveness During Postpartum Depression – Postpartum Progress – postpartum depression hope

Being Open to Treatment for Postpartum Depression – Postpartum Progress – postpartum depression hope

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Need the Latest Postpartum Depression Research? It’s A Click Away – Postpartum Progress

How Can You Help Yourself ? Join the 21-Day Self-Care Challenge – Postpartum Progress

Tips For Supporting Someone With Postpartum Depression – Postpartum Progress

How Your Diet Can Raise The Risk of Postpartum Depression – Postpartum Progress

Good Morning America Misses The Mark on PPD

Pastors/Ministry Leaders

When A Pastor Gets Depressed – J.A. Medders

Breaking the Silence: When Christian Leaders Speak Openly about Depression | Everyday Theology

The Pastor’s Wife Who Went Crazy: A guest post by Heather Palacios | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

Top Ten Causes of Depression in Pastors | Andrew

7 Ways The Lord Uses Depression in the Life of a Minister

Depression and the Pastor’s Wife: Suffering in Silence | Counseling One Another

Using Effort-Reward Imbalance Theory to Understand High Rates of Depression and Anxiety Among Clergy – Springer

Rising stress boosts clergy depression

Encouragement for Pastors Tempted with Depression – Justin Taylor

Depression and the Ministry, Part 5: Facing Depression with Christ | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Depression Claims Many Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Christian News

Depression and the Ministry, Part 1: The Setup | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Spurgeon’s Sorrows | TGC | The Gospel Coalition

Physical Health

Depression and Exercise | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Depression & Exercise: I Run! Therefore I Am Not Depressed! – Good Mood Bad Mood

6 Changes in Lifestyle that Add to the Impact of Depression-Anxiety | Brad Hambrick

Treating Your Stomach For Depression « The Dish

The Nutrition of Mental Health

8 Components of a Healthy Lifestyle ‹ Christian Mental Health and Mental Illness

The Hormone Connection to Women’s Mental Health

BBC NEWS | Health | Depression link to processed food


the beginning of wisdom: on suicide, gratitude and compassion

I’m Glad I Stopped My Suicide Attempt

When You Are Thinking About Suicide

Depression and suicide: Football’s secret uncovered – BBC Sport

Matthew Warren and the effects of suicide –

When a Loved One Takes His Life

BBC News – Call for action to tackle ‘Scottish effect’ on suicide rates

Research and Brain Science

Chemical Imbalances and Depression | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Chemical Imbalances & Depression: A Theory Falls victim to New Research – Good Mood Bad Mood

Helping a Counselee Understand Chemical Imbalance | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

BBC News – Ketamine ‘exciting’ depression therapy

Can Our Brains Tell Us How To Best Treat Us For Depression? | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

NIMH · Scan Predicts Whether Therapy or Meds Will Best Lift Depression

Researchers Want Stroke Patients on Anti-Depressants Even If Not Depressed | Techyville

BBC News – Cognitive behavioural therapy ‘can reduce depression’

BBC News – Does sunshine make us happier?

Phone-Based Psychotherapy May Help Depression as Much as Face-to-Face Treatment, at Least in the Short Term | Healthland |

BBC News – Brain training ‘helps treat depression’

How to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs

A Video Game Designed to Treat Depression Worked Better Than Counseling – medGadget – Health – The Atlantic

Treating depression with electrodes inside the brain –

Avoid Working Long Hours of Overtime to Reduce Your Risk of Depression

Is Gluten Making You Depressed? | Psychology Today

One in four American women take medication for a mental disorder | Mail Online

Report: 1 in 5 American Adults Takes Mental Health Drugs – TIME Healthland

Why Patients Don’t Open Up to Doctors About Depression – TIME Healthland

New Mouse Study Links Chronic Stress to Depression, Adds Evidence to the Benefits of Antidepressants – - TIME Healthland

Misdiagnosed Mood Disorders – Fox News Video –

VeriPsych Says It Can Spot Depression, Schizophrenia in Blood | Fast Company

How a flash of light to the brain can banish fear | Mail Online

Dr. David Powlison – Is Depression Purely Biological? on Vimeo

Yale Medicine-Findings

Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth | Health Tech – CNET News

A Gene to Explain Depression – TIME Healthland – StumbleUpon

The Evolutionary Reason for Depression – Mind – Lifehacker

BBC News – GPs access to depression treatment ‘is too narrow’


Hope Is a Very Good Thing: What Is the Active Ingredient in Antidepressant Medication? | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Jesus Isn’t Going To Take My Zoloft

Christianity Can’t Replace My Zoloft – TIME

Listening to Prozac… and to the Scriptures: A Primer on Psychoactive Medications | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

This Demon Only Comes Out By Prayer and Prozac | Mere Orthodoxy | Christianity, Politics, and Culture

How to Fight Depression (Without the Pills)

Sufficiency of Scripture and Psychotropic Medication | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

6 Steps to Wise Decision Making About Psychotropic Medications | Brad Hambrick

Is it right for a Christian to take antidepressants? | Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness? | Blog | Perry Noble · Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church

Healing Hope: Depressed about Taking Antidepressants?

Unraveling the Mystery of How Antidepression Drugs Work: Scientific American

Mental Illness, Psychiatric Drugs, and Counseling Education | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

Should Christians Take Antidepressants? | Her.meneutics |

Will Medicine Stop the Pain? – Book Reviews | Biblical Counseling Coalition

Can We Be Positive about Psychiatric Medications? | CCEF

Why Do We Seem Negative about Psychiatric Medications? | CCEF

Moore to the Point – Is It Right for a Christian to Take Anti-Depressants?

‘I Wanted To Live’: New Depression Drugs Offer Hope For Toughest Cases : Shots – Health Blog : NPR


New drugs for depression? | Musings of a Christian Psychologist

New Research on the Antidepressant-Versus-Placebo Debate | Healthland |

Her.meneutics: Should Christians Take Antidepressants?: A Response

The New York Times’ Defense of Antidepressants | Psychology Today

Talk Therapy vs. Drugs | Psychology Today

BBC NEWS | Health | Antidepressants ‘work instantly’

Antidepressants May Prevent Hippocampus From Shrinking — Psychiatric News

BBC News – ‘Doctors should stop pushing drugs at depressed people’

In the News

BBC News – What are the top five happiest parts of the UK?

BBC News – Would-be MP on depression battle

NAMI | Winston Churchill and his “Black Dog” that Helped Win World War II

Rick Warren acts on mental health in son’s death

Her.meneutics: Kay Warren Talks to CT about Her Battle with Depression

Robin Williams & Depression | The American Conservative

BBC News – Why are sports stars prone to depression?

BBC Sport – Cricket – Cricket World Cup – England hit by Yardy withdrawal