Endorsements for The Happy Christian

“Happy is a cheap word nowadays, hardly strong enough to describe the realistic, joyful, triumphant Christian life into which David Murray labors to lead us. His book overflows with earthy, deep-rooted biblical wisdom that many miss but all of us need.”
Dr. J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

“If anyone else had written a book with this title I wouldn’t have picked it up. The fact that it was written by Dr. David Murray made me not only pick it up but study it in depth. This is not a ‘feel good’ book but a book about the genuine joy and happiness that we can know as beloved followers of Christ in a broken world.”
Sheila Walsh, author of Loved Back to Life

The Happy Christian is a timely reminder to all believers that the sorrows of this world are no match for the supreme joy of knowing Christ. Christians everywhere will be encouraged by this work for years to come.”
Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research Division, contributing editor for Christianity Today

“A timely corrective to both the excesses of the ‘prosperity gospel’ and the gloomy spirit that overcomes so many Christians. Biblically compelling and pastorally encouraging, this easy-to-read book makes an important point that Christians need to hear. Read The Happy Christian and remember that through the love of Christ you are blessed by God!”
- Dr. Richard Phillips, minister and author of Jesus the Evangelist

“A robust and welcome defense of how the gospel acts in the lives of those who have been transformed by it. A great read–transforming and uplifting.”
- Dr. Derek Thomas, Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology. RTS.

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“God is not only holy, he is also happy. And he delights for his people to be happy as well. David Murray has written an insightful book encouraging us to be happy or happier Christians. If you have thought Christianity or being a Christian was the death knell of happiness in this life, I would encourage you to read this book and think again.”
Pastor Anthony Carter, Author of Blood Work

“Our culture of negativity, cynicism, and skepticism has poisoned millions, including many in the church, producing a dark and joyless spirit. Thankfully, Dr. Murray’s gospel-rich, biblically driven, practical, and pointed book is medicine for the soul that guides the reader into the joy of the Lord in all spheres of life.”
-Joe Thorn, author, Lead Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, IL

“This is one shockingly and happifyingly helpful book! With winning honesty, tenderness and grace, David Murray gives the recipe for sturdy, God-grounded happiness. Many of us have seen how hollow is the common, self-hypnotizing idea of ‘positive thinking’ and grown understandably cynical; David Murray shows us a far better way, a way that is biblical, beautiful and built to last.”
Michael Reeves, author of Delighting in the TrinityDirector of Union and Senior Lecturer, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

“We all want to be happy, but so many of us are not. That is why books on “happiness” are so popular. But these books are rarely as theologically solid as Dr. Murray’s book, The Happy Christian. This fact alone makes all the difference in the world, since the only happiness worth having is a happiness that will never end.”
-Dr. Mark Jones, Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church

“There’s a sort of gloom and doom in the air. You don’t have to go far to get a whiff of it, as matter of fact, you probably know it well. David Murray understands that there is a problem when our hearts and minds are set on the negative things of this world and he has a wonderful solution: the Bible… With a fascinating mixture of science and biblical truth, Murray sets out to help us see how we can practically seek the joy found in Christ. The Happy Christian reminds me that the joy of the Lord truly is my strength.”
Trillia Newbell, author of United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity and Fear and Faith

“Believers will welcome this practical guidance on how our feelings may, by biblical discipline, become increasingly joyful. This book is good medicine for sad saints.“
-Maurice Roberts, Retired Pastor and Author of The Happiness of Heaven.

“While interacting with secular researchers, popular authors, and theologians both ancient and modern, in his newest book David Murray opens up the Scriptures and offers immensely practical means for cultivating the abundant life Jesus promises to his people.  If you desire a happiness that is much truer than the latest platitude from Joel Osteen, reaches much deeper than the positive psychology offered by Gretchen Rubin, and lasts longer than a Pharrell Williams’ song, then you should read – and applyThe Happy Christian.”
-Pastor Barry York, RPTS Professor of Pastoral Theology

The Happy Christian truly challenged me to model a life characterized by happiness. People want to be happy. But we’re losing hope that it’s actually possible. We’re content to experience brief moments of mirth instead of cultivating a lifestyle of abiding joy. David Murray reminds us that even in the face of sobering facts, happiness is possible when we put our faith in the paradoxically positive power of the cross.”
Jemar Tisby, cofounder, Reformed African American Network

“I am so very happy to commend David Murray’s new book on happiness. David follows in a long line of Reformed experiential theology and Christian living, which is a rich inheritance to draw from in contemporary pastoral ministry. Saturated in Scripture, guided by history, and sensitive to the insights of contemporary psychological and physiological research, David offers a care for souls that is so needed by believers today.”
Rev. Daniel Hyde, Pastor, Oceanside United Reformed Church, Oceanside, California

“Jesus came to give abundant life and his own joy to his people. I pray the Christlike happiness taught in this book will be your way of life.”
Dr. Jim Hamilton, Professor of Biblical Theology, Southern Seminary

“What does it mean to be happy? The light of nature allows us to observe, desire and appreciate the benefits of certain kinds of happiness. Only the light of Scripture enables us properly to define, obtain and cultivate true and lasting happiness. David Murray’s difficult task in this genuinely stimulating and sometimes provocative book is to accept and acknowledge the former source of illumination while being governed by and relying upon the latter. He has no appetite for the fixed grin and glassy stare of a carnally-manufactured positivity. Instead, David seeks to train our hearts in Christian cheerfulness, genuine gladness, and believing hopefulness, to enjoy and employ the “solid joys and lasting treasures” of the true children of God. Some might take issue with the balance of his foundations and the choice or proportion of his materials, but all Christians would do well to consider the structure and style of the building David erects. It is a good and bright place to live, and many of us need to start construction.”
Pastor Jeremy Walker, author of The Broken-Hearted Evangelist.

“It is a pleasure to recommend David Murray’s latest book, The Happy Christian. The subtitle, ‘Ten ways To Be A Joyful Believer In A Gloomy World’, will surely resonate with believers and, hopefully, attract unbelievers. Dr. Murray imaginatively uses the disciplines of science and psychology to support his conviction that the Bible both calls Christians to a happy life and directs them how to live a happy life. Murray has a way of freshly stating the truths of God’s word, confronting us with the unsettling realities of the believing life, but drawing us anew into the rich inheritance that we have in Christ. The Happy Christian is a must read.”
Rev. Ian Hamilton, author of The Faith Shaped Life.