How one couple prepared three sons for life after High School
See also Keys for success, Alex Chediak’s article on “nurturing your child’s talent, character, and passion for a smooth college transition.”

The value of authenticity
Barnabas Piper asks if the widespread emphasis on authenticity is increasing our happiness.

12 ways to know if you are a leader
Michael Hyatt throws down the challenge. If you need all 12, that doesn’t leave very many of us standing!

Mind Mapping & Personal Planning
Tim Brister says he focuses on four primary areas for planning his personal life: Renewal, Rhythms, Roles, Responsibilities.

Latest salvo fired in Mommy wars
“There is no question that professional women receive much more societal validation than “stay-at-home moms.” Few magazine covers at the checkout line or full-page ads promoting events and awards to “successful” women, laud mothers who stay home to raise their children.

Five enemies of the productive church planter