It’s time to re-think the US Education System
5 challenges to the educational status quo.

Busyness as moral laziness
Don’t think I’ll never say, “I’m busy!” again.

Rape, Pregnancy, and a woman’s freedom
What a stunner: “Rape is violating because it takes joy out of what should be a loving act. But rape doesn’t have to remove the joy out of a second loving act—the giving of life to another.” Written by a rape victim.

The Porn Gateways
You may not realize how close you are.

The Publishing Process in GIF form
Maybe you have to be a wannabe writer to get this.

The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit
This book contains the 21 addressess from last year’s conferences at Greenville Seminary and Puritan Reformed Seminary.

  • Greg

    I am really enjoying reading, “The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit”. I am hopeful that I will be able to enjoy the PRTS Conference firsthand next year.