Atheism behind the black church veil
I always appreciate Eric Redmond’s insightful and careful analysis of African American culture.

More on can your body make you sin
So, so helpful. And here are 3 self-study projects for the depressed. Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 first.

The ultimate sermon for preachers
I agree with Gary Millar: “Deuteronomy is the key to understanding how Old Testament theology unfolds.”

In praise of clerks
Those who know me will be amazed that I’ve just written that headline. But this article is worth a read. Secretaries of the world, watch out! Rebecca is after you!

Homeschooling on a Scottish island
Shona compares home-schooling in  a small and remote scottish island with her experience of it in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

My church is too small
Does the phrase “Saturday morning” excite you and “Sunday morning” leave you cold? You probably need to read this.