Calvinism and the Roots of the Missionary Movement
Thomas Kidd builds upon Jason Helopoulos’s article: Does Calvinism kill missions?

How to Wreck Your Life
I’ve seen men especially do this time and again.

What the Church can Learn from Chick-fil-A
I love articles like this, not least because of the way it trains us to keep our eyes and ears open for God’s teaching in everyday life.

How does a pastor wisely seek change in his church?
Three questions to ask yourself as you move to bring the change that is needed and how to do so with discernment and wisdom.

Preventing and Responding to Abuse in Christian Contexts
I would have loved to hear Phil Monroe’s presentation, but a great substitute are his Powerpoint slides packed full of helpful dates, insights, and quotes.

Top 10 Household Chores that Cause the Most Arguments
#1 will stun you. And the three best excuses at the end will amuse you.