This is one of the most moving and instructive testimonies I’ve ever heard,  with some great advice here too about how to minister to and counsel suffering people.

(HT: Jon Bloom).

  • Gileah Taylor

    The tears of a stranger once more, Amber…thank you for this.

    • Amber Kay Satterfield (Doran)

      You are so welcome, Gileah. It is all grace. Blessings, Amber Kay

  • Amber Kay Satterfield (Doran)

    Thank you so much for posting my testimony. I am humbled by and grateful for what the Lord is choosing to do with this broken but redeemed vessel. Blessings, Amber Kay Satterfield (formerly Doran)

    • David Murray

      Amber, I and many others are deeply indebted to you. You not only lifted up God so beautifully, you also gave such wise counsel about how to minister to the suffering. I know this tried and tested wisdom will ripple out to bless many lives.

      • Amber Kay Satterfield

        As I said below, it is all grace and all of Him, nothing of me. It is indeed my prayer that His much-needed grace and discipline in my life will bless and encourage and edify and strengthen the Body for His glory and our good. Thank you for this gift. The way the Lord is allowing me to see glimpses of His good purposes in my suffering is a balm and an encouragement even in the midst of a still-raging battle. Many blessings on you and your various avenues of ministry! Amber Kay

  • NavyMom

    Amber, I am deeply touched by your faith, courage, and steely love for Jesus come what may.

    • Amber Kay Satterfield

      It is all grace! Thank you for that encouragement. :) Blessings, Amber Kay

  • Amber Kay Satterfield

    If anyone is interested in more of my story and/or updates on my journey, my CaringBridge address is Blessings, Amber Kay

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