What a phenomenal response to the hatred and bigotry the Indiana Pizza place experienced at the hands of LGBT & left-wing activists. $500,000 raised in 24 hours! (Click here to add your support).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Christians and other people of good-will and basic decency did this for every single person or business targeted by that vindictive mob.

If the mob knew that every single person or business they attack in this way is going to be turned into a millionaire by sympathizers and supporters of true freedom, they’d soon reconsider their irrational and hate-filled crusades.

And if Christians knew their brothers and sisters in Christ would support them in every way possible, how much easier it would be to take a stand, to look the mob in the face, and say, “Go on, make me a millionaire!”

Now, how about gofundme.com pages for Daniel McArthur and Baronelle Stutzman? And who else can we add to this Liberty Hall of Fame?

UPDATE: More names to move from the media’s “Rogues Gallery” into the Liberty Hall of Fame – bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, photographer Elaine Huguenin.

  • Greg Terry

    Dr. Murray, that is an excellent idea! It seems that many Christian leaders are afraid to take a stand and voice their beliefs. We need more of that.