How can I thank God when I’ve got nothing to thank God for? Sometimes we feel like that don’t we. God takes away our loved ones, God takes away our health, God takes away our joy. What’s left to thank God for?

The Apostle Paul helps us answer this question in the letter to the Philippians. He’s in prison for his faith. God’s taken away his friends and family, his ministry, his comfort, his freedom. If anyone had reason to be grouchy it was Paul, yet he opens his letter with gratitude.

As we learned yesterday, he thanks God every time he remembers the Philippian believers (1:3). Even though he’s separated from them he thanks God for them. Why does he thank when he thinks of them? How does he thank God for something when he’s got nothing to thank God for? He finds three reasons to thank God for the Philippians every time he remembers them.

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