Stuart Olyott made the following points:

1) Reflect on when you last switched off

2) Learn communication skills

3) Be expository

4) Use stories

5) Ask questions

6) Keep eye contact

7) Use the spoken language (not the written language)

8) Take care of your voice

9) Remember that less means more

10) Be the slave of structure and logic

11) Be in the message

12) Assault the conscience

13) Conquer God before you start (in prayer)

The videos are linked here.

  • prostratepuritan

    Just curious, what does “conquer God before you start” mean? I’ve listened to enough of his sermons to expect something thought provoking.

  • David Murray

    I have not heard the addresses myself. But I presume he is speaking about Jacob prevailing (conquering?) in his “wrestling-bout” with the Angel of the Lord.