A page of resources for Reset: Living a Grace-Paced Life in a Burnout Culture. There’s also an audiobook available.

Grace-Paced Life Links

The Other Woman, The 100 Hour Error, Calvin the Multi-tasker, Self-Care for the Suffering

Anxious Americans, Royal interest in mental health, Preventing Pastoral Burnout, Sleep is the New Status Symbol


The Common (Yet Neglected) Problem of Burnout

Download a PDF version of the Infographic (one pagemultiple pages) for easy sharing and printing.


Learning to Live a Grace-Paced Life (Interview with Justin Taylor)

Four Pieces of Advice for Stressed Christians

Why you should go to bed early tonight

How to Stay in Ministry over the Long Haul

Reset Garage or the Wrecker’s yard?

Should we burn out for Jesus? 

Facebook Live

Surprising Fruit from Two Brushes with Death


Is your “Check-Engine Light” On?

A Plea for Holistic Christianity

Preventing Pastoral Burnout

Do you need a reality check?

Healthy Rhythms


Equipping You in Grace Podcast


Review by Tim Challies

Review by Nate Claiborne (Christ & Pop Culture)

Review by Robert Zink

Digital Detox

Multiple resources for Digital Detox