In response to a few requests, here are all the weekly “Morning & Evening Bible Reading Plans For Kids” combined into one document. If you are new to this, here and here are a couple of posts explaining the plan and layout.

As I’ve not had a lot of time to thoroughly edit this document, please let me know if there are any typos or other mistakes.

Remember there is a cut-down version with a single reading a day. Click on the “Bible reading plan” tag below to bring up the previous postings of it.

  • Kathy in VA

    Thank you so much – just what I was looking for!

  • Aaron

    Pastor,Thank you so much for this! My wife and I started tomorrow… my 6 year old is so excited! Thank you so much for taking time to serve the church in this way. I know you are a busy man who has a lot on your plate and your labor of love is very appreciated! I look forward to my children growing in grace! Aaron

  • Christine

    Thanks!I’ve passed on the link you blog to a local homeschooling group of 30+ families in the Niagara region!May God bless your work!

  • Christine

    PS……Are you planning to complete one year of readings?THANKS again!