What does art tell us about our culture’s hopes, values, and fears?

That’s the question this week’s Puritan Pod tries to answer following a visit to the Grand Rapids Artprize Festival, which awards the winner $250,000, making it the world’s largest art prize.

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  • Marty Staal

    This is an excellent thought provoking discussion. We, Connie and I, pray that God will use it for His glory and for the salvation of sinners.

  • Joe Steenholdt

    Thanks for this post. It was convicting to me. I was a bit cynical this year at ArtPrize and somewhat negative, but I really needed to put different spectacles on. Thank you for renewing my mind on it.
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Daniel Silveira

    “Religion is life, reality; art is ideal, appearance. Art cannot close the gap between the ideal and reality. Indeed, for a moment it lifts us above reality and induces us to live in the realm of ideals. But this happens only in the imagination. Reality itself does not change on account of it. Though art gives us distant glimpses of the realm of glory, it does not induct us into that realm and make us citizens of it. Art does not atone for our guilt, or wipe away our tears, or comforts us in the life and death. It never turns the beyond into the here and now. Only religion does.”

    (Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 1, p. 267)