Book Recommendation: The Broken Hearted Evangelist
Brian Croft says of this book: “Every pastor and Christian for that matter, needs to put down their ’10 easy steps on how to do evangelism’ book, pick up Jeremy’s book, and simply pray for a broken heart.”

Here’s my own endorsement of the book: “I’ll be adding Jeremy’s book to my ‘once-a-year’ pile, as I need to regularly hear his warm-hearted and heart-warming plea for broken-hearted evangelism – and act upon it.”

Balanced ministry preparation
“You take care of the depth of your ministry and God will take care of the breadth of your ministry.”

Church-planting for dummies
Seems very wise to me.

Is Social Media actually making us less connected?
In a recent TED talk, MIT professor Sherry Turkle argued that “technology is taking us places we don’t want to go.”

Who will you thank in heaven?
“Someone from India or North Korea may come up to us and thank us that they are in heaven because we prayed God would save people in their country. Someone from the Philippines may thank us for praying for the advance of the gospel there, because God answered and sent a preacher to them.”

Your desk job makes you fat, sick and dead
If this infographic doesn’t make you want a stand up desk, then I guess nothing will.

“Courageous” wins San Antonio Christian Film Festival
As Doug Phillips says, this is a rare God-glorifying acceptance speech for a film awards ceremony