The neuroscience of fasting
“Neuroscience sheds light on how fasting and other spiritual disciplines work by training our subconscious mental processes.”

Sage advice on learning Hebrew
In Seminary and afterwards. And here’s another post Jim Hamilton linked to on memorizing Scripture in the original languages.

The intriguing world of Mommy Bloggers
This might inspire some aspiring lady bloggers – or put you off for life!

Michael Horton on ministering to youth
These are important posts for anyone with kids or anyone who ministers to the younger generation (Part One and Part Two).

Amazon’s robots
Want to know what happens when you click “Buy”?

The Black Church and the Black Community
Trevin Wax in conversation with Anthony Bradley.

  • Kim Shay

    I am a mom and have been blogging since 2005, but I have never blogged about a product I like…. ever. In fact, when my kids were small, there was no blogging, so I can’t relate to blogging as a young mommy. I’m kind of glad there was no blogging when my kids were small; I’m sure it would have been a terrible distraction.

    • David Murray

      I agree Kim, it would be a huge distraction in an already incredibly stressful and demanding time.