Infographic of the Kings
If you thought British history was complicated, wait until you try to figure out the Kings of Israel and Judah. The Good Book blog helps us all out with an infographic that displays the chronological order together with a simple color key to their moral quality.

Laid-back homeschooling
Janie takes us on a trip down memory lane to the pre-Abeka and pre-Bob Jones days.

Raucous joy
Bob takes us to an elementary school talent contest: “As I was enjoying life with them, I was struck by the fact that sometimes Christians—who have the most reasons to enjoy life—enjoy it the least. If you were to assess the level of life enjoyment by the state of the Evangelical Christian blogosphere, for example, you might find little joy. Blog after blog we emphasize what we are against. Blog after blog we highlight how other Christians are wrong.” Totally with you on this one, Bob!

10 Tips for New Church Planters
I’d add an 11th: Take weekly Sabbath.

Leadership Core: Education and Experience
“Beyond your personality, talents, and spiritual gifts, your capacity to contribute is bolstered by what you choose to add to your leadership core through the “double e’s” of experience and education.  Education and experience enhance who you are and strengthen your strengths.”

Gospel-Centered Bible Study (free eBook)
Dave Moser (Armchair Theologian) has put together a short, punchy book on how to study the Bible in a Christ-centered way.

  • Dave Moser

    Dr. Murray,
    Thanks for both the review and the link! I really liked the alliteration “punchy, powerful, pointed, and provocative prose”!