UK Students switch to US Universities
The lure of well-funded US universities, with more broad-based course options, is proving increasingly attractive to youngsters in the UK.

Royal Company: A Devotional on the Song of Solomon
Haven’t read this, but I liked the Q&A in this blog post.

A cure for lame table prayers
This could change the way you eat breakfast.

Tools for teaching Biblical Hebrew prepositions
OK, now don’t all rush over there and crush this guy’s website, but one at a time, in  orderly fashion, please.

The demise of guys: How video games and porn are ruining a generation
And here’s a TED talk by the same psychologist on the same subject. (HT: @drantbradley).

Health, fitness, and the believer
Couple of young Canadian guys have put this site together. They seem to focus on Reformed Worldview, Reformed Ethics, and Reformed Practice.

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    Thanks for linking to William’s “What We’re Reading” post on ‘Royal Company: A Devotional on The Song of Solomon’ by Malcolm MacLean (Christian Focus, 2012).

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  • Stephen


    That comment on Biblical Hebrew prepositions made me laugh out loud this morning!!