Why heaven kissed earth
Mark Jones’ PhD thesis on the Christology of Thomas Goodwin.

Addicted to diversion and afraid of silence
Justin Taylor gathers some challenging quotes from Blaise Pascal, Peter Kreeft, and Douglas Groothuis to help us steward the gift of technology.

Bringing African back to life: The legacy of George W. Bush
You’re not likely to see much reporting of this in the mainstream media.

More lessons I’m learning from other preachers
Especially appreciated Aaron’s first point here.

Why boredom is good for your creativity
Which is what I keep telling my kids.

Black and gay leaders form an alliance
Dr Boyce Atkins asks if the reported alliances between civil rights groups and gay groups are legitimate. The comments are an education in themselves.

  • Sam

    The story about GWB is probably a story I’d very much like to read, but I don’t think I want to subscribe to the Dallas newspaper. Might there be any other way to link to it without getting my wallet out?

  • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

    Seems to work for me OK. Maybe it’s to do with your location.